Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cracking A Smile.

*it just a random-heart's-stuff, so don't really bother if you don't get what i am posting about. =,=

Always try to be more sensitive about people's feelings 
because there are times that
a tear means happiness and a smile means hurt.

Cracking a smile and wearing it all on my sleeve
So cool and so poised
Its true I'm just around to see
Where this thing goes I'll never know
But all I know is packing bags is a remedy, is a remedy


2 buddy (ies):

Abg Stalker said...

senyum tu pengubat kedukaan. :)start dgn program yg baru dlm otak ni.salam maal hijrah sara.

uwmaisarah said...

Abg Stalker,
kan? senyum mempositifkan keadaan ^^
salam maal hijrah untuk abang jugak :)