Saturday, December 31, 2011

Short end of year update!

Heeee, sangat bersalah membiarkan my gorgeous blog bersendirian for about two weeks.
Even more I'm feeling more guilty to find there are some great friends out there who are always stalking and dropping here, waiting for my new post. You guys and girls are so wonderful, :')

I'll be updating more frequent soon.
Am enjoying my last day at home before heading back to Puncak Alam tomorrow night.
FYI I won't be home for 3 months,
I will only be home after finishing my last final exam paper which I don't know when.
And these all are bugging my mind so badly as I don't know how to survive there for this last 3 months.
Oh Allah I'm begging for more strength.
It's so peaceful to live the life at home, be within my parents' care,
in the circle of siblings' happiness and love :')

Have to press the 'Publish' button. Gonna help my mummy, we're making pizzas today ^^
Enjoy the last day of 2011.
A year full of memories, sad and happy.
A year of learning to be far from home.
Yet I haven't learnt how to live well while my family's not around T__T
I'm just a little girl with a grown up face -,-'

Take care buddies :)


4 buddy (ies):

Ema said...

Lama menghilang..Ingatkan sudah betul2 hilang..

uwmaisarah said...

hehe, dookk,
Kak Sarah dok tinggal dunia blogging ni :)
Sedap ekpun~

wnsizzati said...

pos la pizza sini cket..hikhikhik:)
p/s:salam rindu :*

uwmaisarah said...

posmalaysia kate kalo nok pos, kene bnyok2 jadi takdok banyok, dokleh pos ah. teheee~
p/s : salam rindu jugak :)