Thursday, May 24, 2012

Battery Low

The moment when you are worrying about something because you know you could do better.
Somehow people always need a second chance
But usually there's no second chance for everyone. Life is once, only once, people.

*Sebenarnya terlupa nak post apa. Haihh.

Battery low. Yeah.
Dapat phone sementara while waiting for my phone to be repaired.
Basic Nokia, dad said, yeah.
For texting and phone calls ONLY.
I don't mind lahhh. Dah ada pun kira bersyukur lah. Orang bagi senang2 lak tu.
Murah hatinye lah kawan ayah itu :D

Just one problem. Le battery.
You charge in for an hour and use it for five minutes,
it will warn you "Battery low" -_____-
Saboo je laaa. Luckily dad got a spare battery, the old one.
So I boleh tukar2.

Fortunately two different phone are using the same type of battery.
Okay kira beruntung lah aku jumpa gambar ni. Sebab taktau apa series phone ni.
Hahaha google is awesomeeee!

And again, the unlucky part is,
both of the batteries are the same.
I still get the warnings of 'low battery' -_______-

Why Nokia, why must you, Nokia? -___-

Dan cuaca sekarang is so hooootttt.
Dan I'm still not changing.
I don't drink frequently.
How to change this bad habit eah? -__-
Guess Latifah has to be by my side as she was during our school days.
And insisting me to do this and not to do that.
Mempunyai ulser. Dan saya baru aje pulih from gastric.
The pain was just like what I felt semasa form 4 hari tu.
Stomach-ache for 24 hours is something that no one would want to experience.
Believe me.

Okaylah I have to stop.
This talkative-mind never changed. I don't need a change.
It's me ;)

Oh ye. Shahirah's phone is out of its service too.
I guess this friendship is too tight sampaikan our phones pun rasa. Eh?
Hahahaha. Semoga cepat sembuh, Samsung Galaxy S yang awesome! :DD


2 buddy (ies):

wnsizzati said...

phone nostalgia nie.kat umah kak cik ade due utir.dok gune pom..sbb adop charger.hehehe
p/s : hi sarah! :p

uwmaisarah said...

Tu ah, wnsizzati! Phone ni kene simpan, antik. Hahaha.

PS : Hi Kak Cik!