Friday, May 18, 2012

Holiday, maybe.

Hai assalamualaikum :)

Just so you know, my girls, I am blogging from Seri Kembangan at my Nina's house,
we're going to PALAM tomorrow if He allows us to do so, insyaALLAH.
And I'm doing fine here.

It's quite sad when mom said Ibah didn't want to eat yesterday because I'm not home.
And it's frustating to know tomorrow night's bus tickets have been all sold out >__<
So according to the new plan, I'll be on the bus at 10am Saturday.
This is my first time being alone in the bus to Terengganu.
Wish me luck in not talking for hours. Hahaha.
This talkative babe is just a very talkative one.
She ain't stay quiet.

Right now, I am sleepy actually but feeling to drop by here for a while.
Haha I just love blogging and I can't explain why.

A big thanks for everyone who has sacrifised their times for me.
I'm touched. But holding this tears :')

Titanic :')
And what is moreeee, I'm surprised when I tried and failed to log in to my facebook account hours ago.
If I'm not mistaken it's like the second attempt of someone, trying to hack my account.
Luckily that person didn't succeed.

To whoever he/she might be,
mind your own business bitch and do stay away from me, okay?

And just look at my typos. Argh. What's wrong with me? :/
Hotel : Nina's house.
PS : Tweet bagai padahal duduk dalam satu rumah, opposite rooms je. Hahaha.


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