Sunday, May 6, 2012

Me and Hypotension.


Actually I can't believe that I searched about this muehehe.
Slight change for good maybe? Lulz.

Went to the clinic this morning,
le Doc checked my blood pressure and yessss,
it was abnormal. A bit. Only a bit.

"rendohnye blood pressure awok!"
"Er er, memang saye gini, hehe."

What kind of answer supposed I gave give to her,
any better suggestion? -__-
OK. So far, until today, I eat in moderate amount,
skip my breakfast, only take some, if Mom tell me to.
Water? 4 glasses per day -___- at most I guess.
Hmmm. Bland, poor appetite of mine.

Hihi. And, have any of you ever experienced orthostatic hypotension?
Just so you know I go through this phase everyday -__-

Orthostatic hypotension is brought on by a sudden change in body position, most often when shifting from lying down to standing. This type of hypotension usually lasts only a few seconds or minutes.

Reason? (for Orthostatic Hypotension)

Gravity reduces the rate of blood return from the body veins below the heart back to the heart,thus reducing stroke volume and cardiac output.

*Di sini kita combine Biologi dan Fizik ye adek2. 
Tengok Chemistry tak kawan pun dengan BP ni haa -__-
**Sebenarnye Kimia kawan kan dengan blood, soooo boring :|

So! Normal range of blood pressure?

Most normal blood pressures fall in the range of 90/60 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) to 130/80 mm Hg. But a significant drop, even as little as 20 mm Hg, can cause problems for some people.

Atau boleh rujuk range untuk Desirable for normal range untuk BP kamu2 ye.
Mine dropped about 11-19 mmHg for systolic and 8 mmHg for diastolic
(from the minimun minimum BP stated above) so I guess I'm just fine, need not to worry about anything.
But Mom was warning me to take care on my health, telling me to take my breakfast everyday,
to eat this and that and theeseee and thoooseee I guess time will heal this BP-thingy hohoho.
Keep on guessing Sarah -___- step on the real world please, kid -____-

Sleeping late at night does lead to hypotension, maybe?

Causes, people?

The highlighted areas maybe the causes for me myself, maybe, maybe, i guess.

Conclusionssssss :

  • Avoid standing for a long time for those who suffers from NMH.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Getting up slowly after sitting or lying down.
  • Etc hahaha xDDD

Sometimes, this does occur to me. So, I can be considered as 'children'? Hooraayyy!!

References lol xD
This and this.

Sorry about my immature comments about Chemistry. We ain't bestfriends hahahaha :P


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