Monday, June 18, 2012


Yeah. AR. To You. Who Might Be Concerned.
( Of course, I won't mention the whole name of yours )

Just in case if you were questioning, I am sorry but,
yes I was blogging about your abang angkat.
The whole thing.
And I don't tell lies.

I ain't a bad girl, not anymore :)

I'm sorry if you found this breaks your heart.
Hey, people do change.
Believing that they are changing for good isn't a crime.
Again, I am sorry because the first story of mine you've heard wasn't a good one.
Really. It's a part of my past which I wish it could be erased, all of them.
But life isn't allowing that. 
And from what I've listened, they said that you are a good girl,
I mean, better and kinder than me, eah? I am way behind you.Well done then, hope you're improving. I don't know, let's hope so.
Because. I can't read about you anymore, yes, I am banned from reading your blog.
It's all yours, you have your full privilege to control what you own.

It doesn't matter. Life teaches us lessons, for us to be better.
So, what I am really trying to say,
can we be friends? :)
Once and for all.

Again, above all, I am sorry if I am disturbing your life,
not to mention, your heart.
Never meant to do those, if there were any.

Sekian, hope to hear from you, soon.
No hard feeling, I mean what I wrote, intensely.
I hereby, apologise, if, you, by any chance,
misunderstood that this was meant to you as a disturbance,
but apparently and obviously, it's not.
I'm in a good intention :)
Good luck with your life in your 3rd semester,
wishing you all the best in everything you're in.

Yang Hina,

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