Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pengecut. Oh Ini Isu Boikot.

Sungguh, aku kecewa.
Sungguh, aku rasa bawahan.
Sungguh, aku rasa kecil.
Sungguh, aku rasa tiada daya.
Dan memang daya itu wujud hanyalah atas izin Tuhan.

Aku, aku sedar.
Aku bukanlah manusia terbaik.
Namun aku benci untuk menjadi yang terburuk.

Aku, aku sedar.
Aku bukanlah yang terpandai.
Namun aku benci untuk menjadi yang paling bodoh.

Aku, aku sedar.
Aku bukanlah yang suci daripada dosa.
Namun aku benci untuk menjadi yang paling kurang pahalanya.

Aku, aku sedar.
Aku bukanlah contoh muslimah teragung.
Namun aku benci untuk menjadi contoh yang buruk.


Satu fakta tentang diri aku yang paling mengecewakan hati dan akal aku sendiri.
Aku tidak lantang bersuara. Aku tidak tegak berdiri.
Aku tidak kuat untuk stand for my own self.
Aku pernah menulis tentang ini zaman dulu-dulu.
Pertamanya aku percaya kita masing-masing ada kepercayaan yang kita pegang.
Keduanya aku tahu kita kebanyakannya adalah hasil didikan ibu bapa, keluarga dan juga masyarakat sekeliling.

Aku, hasil didikan ibu bapaku, aku juga menyambut dan menyokong penuh kempen boikot Israel.
Aku rasa gagah bila hidup dalam komuniti yang turut gembira dengan kempen ini.
Tapi aku rasa lemah bila aku tak mampu sebarkan kempen yang bagus ini.
Lagi lemah bila berhadapan dengan mereka yang tidak percaya akan kempen ini.
Lagi lagi lemah bila ada yang memperlekeh hasil yang diperoleh daripada memboikot barangan Israel.

Terus terang aku katakan memang aku tak mampu nak boikot 100% barangan mereka.
Intel contohnya.

Namun suka untuk aku katakan, selain yang itu, kebanyakannya tiada dalam kitaran hidup aku.
Alhamdulillah aku tak ada rasa rendah diri bila aku tak makan McDonalds etc, aku juga masih belum mati dengan memboikot produk Nestle contohnya, aku juga masih mampu mengecap indahnya hidup walaupun aku tak minum Starbucks.

Ada masa ku tewas juga,
kerana tidak kuat untuk bersuara mencadangkan tempat makan yang out of boycott list kepada teman2.
Ada masa aku biarkan perut aku kosong,
sebab tempat yang teman2 menuju tu termasuk dalam list boikot aku. Inilah aku, pengecut :(

Post ini hanyalah luahan hati, aku maafkan mereka yang tidak mengetahui,
namun apa tujuan hidup kalau ilmu tidak digali?

Apa yang buat aku terluka hanyalah bila seorang Muslim memperlekeh benda2 macam ni.
Like seriously, aku rasa offended.

Memang, kalau tak ramai boikot, memang kita tak boleh nak lumpuhkan pergerakan Israel.
Tapi, boikot itu sendiri sebenarnya adalah reflection diri kita sendiri.

Reflection diri kita,
adakah kita care about saudara Muslim kita di Palestin,
ataupun kita saudara atas nama sahaja; susah kau susah kau seoranglah.

Mungkin sebab kita tidak kenal mereka,
maka kita tak ada rasa simpati, apatah lagi empati terhadap mereka.

Tapi cuba kita terbalikkan situasi,
letakkan diri kita dalam kehidupan mereka,
apa rasa kita yang sedang dizalimi pihak Israel bila saudara seIslam kita di Malaysia sedang enak melabur wang kepada perniagaan/premis/syarikat yang menyokong Israel?

Sayang, kita hidup bukan untuk kebahagiaan di dunia semata-mata.
Hidup kita juga untuk cari bekalan agar kita turut bahagia si alam sana.

Sayang, kehidupan kita bukan meliputi dunia kecik lingkungan 1km radius bertitik tengahkan diri kita sahaja.
Kehidupan ini adalah tentang sesuatu yang lebih besar.

"Each riyal, dirham …etc. used to buy their goods eventually becomes bullets to be fired at the hearts of brothers and children in Palestine. For this reason, it is an obligation not to help them (the enemies of Islam) by buying their goods. To buy their goods is to support tyranny, oppression and aggression." 
- Syeikh Yusuf Al Qardawi

Dan aku pernah came across satu kata-kata,
boikot ini bukan tentang ingin melumpuhkan Israel semata-mata,
tapi ia juga tentang iman kita, tentang rasa kita terhadap agamaNya.

We must all be united against the aggressors. We are united in Islam, including unity of belief in the Shari`ah, unity of belief in the Qiblah, and also united in pain and hope. As Allah Almighty says: "Verily this Ummah of yours is one Ummah." (Qur'an, 21:92).

Non-Muslims pun ada yang boikot Israel. 
Tak rasa terpukul ke?

Better late than never.
Changing for good is not a sin.
Usahalah :)

Pinjam masa sikit lagi boleh?
Untuk apa yang terkandung dalam links di bawah.
Terima kasih.
Allah mesti suka :)



Monday, November 25, 2013

Used To.

We were in one ship.
We bought the same tickets.
Should be arriving at the same destination.
At the same time.
At the same place.

I enjoyed being with you.
So much.
Every moment, I valued.
Every second was cherished.
Every minute was heavenly.

For not listening to you.
I apologize.
For not taking your advice.
I am sorry.
For not building a greater strength.
For being lost.
For not believing in myself.

To watch the ship I used to board from a distance.
It makes me regret.

So much that these are not containable anymore.


Monday, October 28, 2013

End of October!

Hey peeps, assalamualaikum :D

Tomorrow and on Thursday, we the JC1 students have our formative examinations and I can see everyone is sinking in their examination and revision mood deeply. All the best everyone and I think this is the time which most of us will have test or something right, so this wish applies to you guys in other unis as well, especially Kak Cik ;) May He ease everything for us :D BREAK A LEG PEOPLE!

This year we're living in academia instead of cyberheight. A better place in term of getting food and the downsides are we find it hard to hang our laundries and we have no washing machine, and etc. Never mind lah we can still live peacefully. #SyukurMalaysiaMasihAman okay dekat blog pun nak main hashtag bagai haha.

PS: Going home this Friday for a short break, and sadly the class will be starting on Wednesday 6/11/13 so that means I only have a 5-day-break but will make the best out of it :D

PPS: Too happy because October is ending? LOL.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hold My Hands, We are in This Together.

Assalamualaikum & may peace be upon all of us.
I know, I know. It's been ages since the last time I wrote here.
Well, there's so much to tell,
there's so much on my mind but I can't literally translate all of these into words.
So till today they are nicely kept within my cupboard of memories.

Frankly speaking, I don't know what to write.
But I feel like writing.
You know, girls, or should I say, women, convey their minds through words?
They communicate to feel better.
They can't just sit down and stay there to feel better.
And I was once passionate enough about blogging.
Writing seems to be somewhat a healing therapy for me.
When I don't write, I feel different from usual.
Here I am not saying that I am being problematic,
I just feel like I am not me.
The 'me' I used to be seems gone, or hiding somewhere.

Maybe I should pour some feelings out.
Some, or maybe a lil' bit less than some.
As some of you might have known, it's been quite a rough year for me.
Almost a year. Unexpected things happened.
Well, I really guess that nobody really have predicted those.

Things seem to be better nowadays,
strength to be a bit thicker than it was few months back,
faith seems to be a bit stronger.
Time is a great healer, they say.

I think a year is not enough to measure how much time heals things.

When you are not as glorious as you were,
the present day seems to be gloomier than ever.
I was knocked down.
And I shall rise and shine again, insyaAllah.

Even though I've wasted my one year,
it doesn't mean I have to add more in the 'waste/credit' side of my account.
What's done is done.
I really cannot undo those, even though I regret it so much.
In life, lessons are learnt after we made mistakes.
This is not a school where teachers teach you lessons before you are being tested.
This is life, where tests are given prior to the lessons.

So people, when life knocks you down,
you really need to get up. Seize whatever chance you still have.
Grab every single opportunity that's still there.
Show 'em what you really got.
I know, we are fragile. I am indeed tremendously fragile.
But let's not make that as an excuse. There's more waiting in the future.
We are growing. Life won't be easier. Challenges won't be any less easier.

Even though there are some who will insult you,
who will be happy for your ordeals and failures,
fear them not. Be happy.
At least you are not the one who hurts others.
At least you are on the good side.
When they tell the public of false stories, fear them not as well.
Because it's The Almighty who knows everything.
Even though they say that you're having difficult times as a punishment for what you've done,
don't feel so. Why?
Have Allah not said in the Quran?

Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: "We believe," and will not be tested. (al-Ankabut: 2)

He will test us.
You take one step closer to Him,
He'll be 10 steps closer to you.
Who are they to be the judge?
Really, what have we done towards them, actually?
Dunya are really full of bad people who wears angels' masks.
May our paths are avoided from crossing over with their paths.
May Allah protect us.

May Allah bless. May Allah forgive.
Berani kerana benar. Takut kerana salah.
Don't be afraid if you're not as loud as the false speaker,
because eventually, yang hak akan menang. Itu janji Allah.
Whether in this short life, or in the long Hereafter :)

Penulisan untuk memberi peringatan buat diri sendiri yang sering leka dan terbuai dalam kelalaian.
Semoga memberi inspirasi buat mereka yang jatuh, dan mereka yang dianiaya.
Tersungkur takpe, kita bangun. Jangan tersungkur dan terus berdengkur ;)
I'm with you, He is with us, believers.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Shit does happen, that's what they say.

Cuma rasa malu plus sedih, bila orang macam ni pun ada. Sigh.
I really can't imagine how would the ones yang kena hina, kena fitnah in public rasa.
Kena fitnah, kena hina lagi, allahu rabbi.
This is the real world. Full of lies, frauds and deceptions.

Jauhkanlah aku dan mereka yang aku sayang daripada sifat suka menjatuhkan orang lain 
dan suka melihat kejatuhan orang, amin.

An endless appreciation for my great friends and beloved ones.
And I shall believe in Him in a greater amount.

فَلاَ يَحْزُنكَ قَوْلُهُمْ إِنَّا نَعْلَمُ مَا يُسِرُّونَ وَمَا يُعْلِنُونَ
So, let not their speech then grieve you. 
Verily, We know what they conceal and what they reveal.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

She Wears a Hijab but..

''Perangai orang yang tak pakai tudung kadang kala lagi elok compared to yang pakai tudung.''

Ever heard of this sentence? Or other phrases that give roughly the same meaning?

Of course, kita akan come across or pernah came across dengan ayat ni a few times.
Nak2 kalau yang rajin nak baca news feed kat Facebook, yang rajin scroll timeline Twitter.
Banyak ayat2 macam ni.

Tak. Statement tu tak salah.
Because memang wujud segelintir golongan yang bertudung,
tetapi berkelakuan tak seiring tudung yang dipakai.
Dan mungkin aku pun tergolong dalam kalangan macam ni.
Mungkin time aku tak sedar dan mungkin kesedaran datang bila muhasabah diri balik.

Nobody's perfect.
A klise back up sentence we would hear every single time when hearing people judging one another.

Pakai tudung itu tanda kita patuh dengan arahan Yang Maha Esa.
Dan seharusnya, eh, sewajibnya kita pakai ikut syarat dengan ciri2 yang alQuran sebut.
Bukan aku sebut, bukan ayah aku, bukan penceramah agama,
tapi Dia Yang Satu sebut. Dia yang selalu tolong kita masa kita sempit.

tudung bukan satu ukuran atau meter baik buruknya akhlak seseorang.
Cuma tudung akan bagi first impression sebab physical look memang akan bagi first impression.
Singkat ke tudung nya, jarang ke tak, berbonggol unta ataupun tak. Tu bab tudung je.
Baju seluar kain tie t-shirt kemeja kasut tali pinggang, you name it, they count in as well.
Tak kira kat mana kita berada.
Kalau tak mesti takde sesapa nak pakai baju elok2, bergosok kemas2,
time pergi interview for a scholarship,
or an interview with employer. Kan? Setuju?

Memang, aku tak nafikan, memang betul ada yang tak bertudung,
tetapi mereka ni kadang kala sangat lah baik,
kadang2 aku pulak rasa inferior sebab they are perfectly nice to human.
Cuma satu je, they don't wear hijabs.

Tapi kita bukan hakim untuk letak sifat suatu golongan atas observation terhadap segelintir umat.
Contohnya bila kau tengok satu family ni, sorang ni suka sangat backbite.
That doesn't mean the whole family behaves like that person.
They might behave the same, but it's still unsure until you really know them in person.

So, untuk mereka yang bertudung, they are good in terms of covering their aurah.
They might sometimes behave unequal to their attires,
but let's just assume that they don't notice it.
Simply just pray so that we won't be like that,
and so that He will keep you and them in the right path,
in His blessings and hidayah.
As for the ones that behave super nice except for they don't wear hijabs,
they might have not met the strength to change or maybe they have their own reasons,
as a good Muslim, we should pray for them (and everyone) and help them.
Don't hate and don't backbite them. It's no good.
Jangan mengata or whatsoever. Kita semua sama je.

Kita pakai tudung pun sebab Dia yang anugerahkan kita hidayah untuk bertudung :)
Thank Him, hidayah ini Dia yang pinjamkan.

Masing2 ada iman, masing2 ada mata kasar dan mata hati.
Yang baik kita ikut, yang tak elok kita jadikan pengajaran.
That really applies in our life.
Sebab yang haram tetap haram. Yang salah tetap salah.
Yang hak tetap hak. Yang batil tetap batil.

Sama-sama kita cari gali ilmu, supaya tak sesat dan lemas dalam lautan kejahilan.

PS: Just saying, no offense. Maaf jika ada yang terasa hati dan tak sependapat.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Assalamualaikum w.b.t, good day people.
Before I go any further, let's recite al-Fatihah to those who had left us.
Syukran lillah for another day, because there are some who had their last breath yesterday.
I've heard two sad news within a short period,
may their souls be placed among the good ones.

Here we are, going through the second phase of Ramadhan.
I don't know if it's just me but,
I feel like I did better for my last year's Ramadhan compared to this current one.
But no worries, I (we) still got 17 days before Syawal arrives,
so we better seize this golden chance to alter ourselves from every aspect :)
May the good change stay forever.

However, I am, to be frank, quite sad because I can't get through some of my friends.
So, dear friends, if you are reading this, please let me know how you're doing.
Kak Cik, you are very quiet these days.
I got no texts from ya, wonder if everything is going as it should be.
Sher, Teef, wishing you girls a safe journey, Malaysia misses you girls ;)
Take care and have a safe flight babes.

For those who's trying to reach me through WhatsApp/LINE/WeChat etc,
I am very sorry for not responding.
Thousand apologies. My beloved phone is currently undergoing its worst time,
(well you people know how GOOD I am in taking care of my stuffs :P teehee)
so I use the warranty provided by sony in order to ensure it will be back on business.
But the service seems to be taking a damn long time =.=
Even I myself am very fed up to be kept waiting for....I think, already a month!
Jeez. What an endless waiting.
I am very sorry dearies.

That's all, nothing much right?
It's better for you to spend time searching pahala rather than reading my pointless rants.
Teeeheee :P


Monday, July 8, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Coding Floating Shoutbox

Assalamualaikum, hai Farah Zoey. Haha.
Post ini kita buat khas untuk awak tau, kita rajin ni. Haha.
Tadi sebenarnya Farah suruh Sarah tengokkan shoutbox dia sebab
shoutbox tu menggila tawaf keliling blog Farah,
comel betul. Tak boleh nak tahan gelak semalam masa tengok. Comel je.
Ni Sarah nak share coding shoutbox Sarah and apa yang selalunya Sarah buat bila edit certain parts.

<style type="text/css">
* html #gb{position:relative;}
background:url('') no-repeat;
border:2px solid #666666;
<script type="text/javascript">
function showHideGB(){
var gb = document.getElementById("gb");
var w = gb.offsetWidth;
gb.opened ? moveGB(0, 96-w) : moveGB(96-w, 0);
gb.opened = !gb.opened;
function moveGB(x0, xf){
var gb = document.getElementById("gb");
var dx = Math.abs(x0-xf) > 10 ? 5 : 1;
var dir = xf>x0 ? 1 : -1;
var x = x0 + dx * dir; = x.toString() + "px";
if(x0!=xf){setTimeout("moveGB("+x+", "+xf+")", 10);}
<div id="gb">
<div class="gbtab" onclick="showHideGB()"> </div>
<div class="gbcontent">
<center><p>drop your words okaayyy ^^ </p></center><center><!-- SHOUT BUSUK : Start !-->
<iframe src="" width="240" height="400" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"><a href="">View shoutbox</a></iframe>
<!-- SHOUT BUSUK : End !-->
<div style="text-align:right"><a href="" target="_blank"><small>tutorial here</small></a>
<a href="javascript:showHideGB()">
<script type="text/javascript">
var gb = document.getElementById("gb"); = (96-gb.offsetWidth).toString() + "px";

Okay ni dia coding dia. Panjang nya ish ish.
Meh tengok gambaq2 ni pulak.

Ha bendanya senang je.

Width tu selalunya kita tukar masa nak customize kedudukan shoutbox button kita,
macam kat blog ni, tu bear yang comel2 tu, tu la shoutbox buttonnya.
And bila tukar width tu, wajiblah tukar jugak di tempat2 yang Sarah highlight dalam gambar2 kat atas ni.
Ada 3 tempat lain yang kena tukar and isi amount yang sama dengan width.
Kalau 96, tulis semua 96.
Kalau 200 tulis 200. Ha tu je pembaikian yang dibuat tadi sebenarnya. Hehehe.
And tu je jugak nak cakap sebenarnya.

Selamat ber-eksperimen cik Farah! :D

7 Things To-Do In Times of Hardship

Assalamualaikum and greetings people :)
Yesterday I was going through my random pictures I've collected from web and came across this one.
Feeling like sharing because it's good. 
And this might be useful for someone, who knows, right?
So why not we spread good things among us and be better ^^

1) Solah
Make sure you stick to praying on time - 5 times a day.
Never miss a solah and do your best to pray each solah with sincerity as if it's your last solah in this world.

2) Reciting Quran
This Qur'an is so beautiful that no matter what difficulties you face,
you'll find solace in it.

3) Du'a
Especially the du'a for removing anxiety.

4) Give Sadaqah
Give lots of charity, as much as you can, because it helps push away hardships.
And if you can't give money, even kind words or physical sadaqah can do,
(i.e. helping people physically or emotionally).

5) Set Goals & Have Vision
Don't let shaytan play with you,
and keep replaying the video of your hardships in your mind over and over again,
move on! Set new goals, new projects, and remember you're with Allah, nothing should stop you!

6) Wake up Early
Wake up before fajr and work on your ideas and projects, or simply read Qur'an.
Getting busy before day break is a definite way to move away from your hardship and,
overcome challenges. Get most of your ideas/work done in these early hours, these are blessed hours.

7) Hardship is Not Lost
Remember, Allah will never forget the injustice/hardship you faced,
so don't worry about seeking revenge or trying to get justice.

For the third point, again yesterday, I found this one article entitled The Supplication Series: Distress, Sadness and Anxiety when I was surfing the web. Think it might as well be beneficial so here you go!
You can listen to the du'a and download the PDF format of the du'a by clicking the links provided on the page. Isn't that easy? ;)


And one last image to be shared, moga kita dapat manfaat bersama! :)


Friday, June 21, 2013

Susahnya Nak Bersyukur

Assalamualaikum and greetings comel2 dan handsome2. Hihi.

Jumaat. 12 Syaaban 1343.
Eh betul ke 12 Syaaban dah?

Sedang aku bersiap untuk menunaikan solat Zohor,
waktu itu kaum2 Muslimin sedang berlumba untuk pulang dari masjid seusai solat Jumaat,
dengan pergerakan yang super perlahan aku bersiap.
Sejadah pemberian Latifah aku hamparkan ke lantai.
Lemah tangan mengangkat telekung untuk disarungkan.
Sambil perut berbunyi lagu nasyid (maklumlah, Jumaat, mestilah nasyid haha),
menahan lapar yang menguasai minda.

Aku mengambil masa yang lama untuk menyarung telekung,
sambil menikmati angin yang bertiup masuk melalui tingkap,
syukur, matahari terik namun terasa nyaman dan kurang bahang kepanasan dek bayu yang bertiup,
nikmat Dia, pemurah Dia, sentiasa ada bagi mereka yang berfikir dan memerhati.

Ha point nya aku nak cerita, masa tengah2 bersiap nak solat tu,
tiba2 kedengaran bunyi loceng.
Loceng pakcik penjual aiskrim menaiki motosikal beliau.
Menunggang motosikal yang tak berapa nak baru pada pandangan aku,
mengelilingi kawasan kejiranan mencari pembeli,
punca rezeki beliau, untuk menyediakan sesuap nasi,
klise sangat sesuap nasi,
menyediakan sepiring astro, sepapan televisyen,
buat ahli keluarga.
Tapi cerita kat astro sekarang tak best pun.

Lepas tu aku terfikir.
Pakcik. Jual aiskrim. Bawak motosikal.
Guna petrol lah gamaknya.
Aiskrim pun, 20sen, 50sen, RM1.
Tapi pembeli tu tak selalu ada.
Nak2 masa cenggini. Budak2 bukan keluar rumah lagi kan.
Tapi tetap pakcik tu usaha bawak moto dia cari pembeli aiskrim dia.
Petrol tetap terbakar sebab nak bagi moto jalan.
Tapi pembeli belum tentu ada.
Gigihnya pakcik ni.

Lepas tu aku stop berfikir.
Tak sanggup nak membayangkan penat lelah pak cik tu mencari rezeki.
Lalu aku doakan semoga Dia melimpahkan rezekiNya buat pakcik tu hari ni.

Insaf :')

“O Allah! You are forgiving, and you love forgiveness. So forgive me.”

Pesan mak,
nak rasa bersyukur,
pandang orang yang bawah daripada kita.
Jangan pedulikan mereka yang lagi tinggi berbanding kita.

Macam satu insiden dulu. Aku berhenti di traffic light.
Dalam kereta ayah. Of course ayah lah yang memandu.
Aku mana ada lesen.
Di sudut lain terpandang pakcik tua berhenti di traffic light juga,
bersama basikal tuanya.
Agak2, dah 60an, mungkin 70an pakcik tu.
Aku masa tu umur mungkin belasan tahun.
Tapi aku dah rasa nikmat naik kereta.
Pak cik tu?

Hmmm :(

Tak nak  merungut dah phone jenis biasa2 je tak canggih.
Tak nak merungut dah kamera tak canggih macam orang.
Tak nak merungut dah duit tak banyak macam orang.
Sob sob.

Dia-lah Yang menciptakan kamu, dan menjadikan bagi kamu pendengaran, penglihatan dan hati. (Tetapi) amat sedikit kamu bersyukur."
 (Surah Al-Mulk [67]: ayat 23)  

Friday, May 17, 2013

17 May 2013: Study Week Begins!

Assalamualaikum and good day people.
Writing all the wayy from Serdang in PU campus with a half-opened eyes because I am sleepy,
(I just woke up from my sleep btw) and guess what?

One more interesting fact is,
today is 17th May 2013. Exactly one year before this present day,
I attended my PU's interview here. And now, abra cadabra, one year dah berlalu!
It's fascinating knowing how fast time travels these days, right?

So I can proudly (I think anxiously would suit the situation better) announce that,
study week BEGINSSSS!

Just wanna let you guys know,
I will be sitting for my first paper on the 27th of May (10 days more!),
and my last paper is on the 5th of June (Islamic Studies).
19 days left before I can go hooomeeeeeeeeeeee!
Homeee, I miss hooommeeee.

Like, seriously, I miss home.

Tadi I felt a bit sad since everyone was going back to their home for a couple of days before they come back to cyberheight to study.
Agak sedih  lagi sekarang ni to be honest but, keep calm Sarah,
ganjaran untuk orang yang bersabar adalah sangat besar.
Janji Allah tak pernah Dia mungkiri.
Believe in Him.

In the remembrance of Allah where heart finds rest, right people? 

I thinks that's all, and have a beautiful day earthlings!
Best wishes to everyone, to batch 95 who are going to further their higher level of studies after getting UPU's result today, to foundation/matriculation leavers in waiting for their results/upu or anything related and for degree students, keep calm and wait for your finals to arrive. Meanwhile, do your revision!
Take care and pray for our excellence guys!

To you :)


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Broadband dan Assignments

Translation : I miss blogging!!
Assalamualaikum and greetings sahabat sekalian ;)
Uuu lama gila daku enggak bebelan di sini ya. Hahaha.
Ini pun sebab aku nak lari daripada alam realiti buat seketika.
Huiii currently stress gila
(should be stress tapi aku rasa agak enjoy la actually,
sebab most of the assignments dah ada progress alhamdulillahhh),
esok (22 April), 24 April kena submit assignments hohoho.
Ada tiga yang kena submit which are below module Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare,
Early Patient Contact dan jugak Islamic Studies.
And tell you whattt (broken English alert), siap ada close-book test kot on 24th (kot),
satu apa pun aku belum study. Islamic Studies lak tu. Adehhh.
And bagi yang ada card signing harus lagi2 stress. Sebab semua disumbat dalam this week.
Ni baru student life en. Haihhh.

Tomorrow dah week 12. And teaching hanyalah sampai week 15.
Exactly 4 weeks before aku mula mengharungi study week.
Study week seminggu yang ciput untuk exam 4 module.
Bagaikan sebulan pun tak cukup kalau nak revise semua tau takkk.
Medical course, what do you expect Sarah? =,=

Orang jauh bagi ^_^

Satu lagi, broadband aku buat hal pulak dah.
Tau tak betapa sedihnya perasaan bila dia cakap "Unable to connect" masa aku gigih berusaha untuk menggunakan khidmat internet YES? YESSSS WHYYY WHYYYY?
Dah la ni second timeee T____T
Aku bayar bil tau dakkk. Duit sendiri tu sobsob. Tanak kawan :(

And currently tau dak cemana aku online ikut laptop?
Tethering from my dear Xperia Go via USB,
purchase Celcom Daily Pack internet,
RM5 for 500MB, valid for 24 hours. Pity me. Sobs
Semata2 sebab nak buat assignments tauu. Uihhh bersemangat. Hihik.

Yang aku pelik, laju pulak bila aku guna laptop.
Kalau scroll Twitter kat phone tu asyik dapat tweet cannot be retrieved jee alahaii.
(nampak tak niat menggunakan internet mempengaruhi kelajuan beliau hahaha)

Shawl beli online. Pheewitt dah pandai beli online. Makin cepatlah duit aku lesap hahaha.

K tu je nak bebel! Doakan aku survive semester ni tau! ;)
Wish you all the best in life lovely earthlings :D


Thursday, February 14, 2013

My JC1 at Perdana University (PU-RCSI)

Assalamualaikum and greetings beautiful and handsome people :)
Currently I'm at home, enjoying the remaining days of Chinese New Year holidays,
and I feel this holidays are more relaxing compared to my semester break holiday,
I do enjoy every second without thinking about my studies hoho.
Thought of doing histology tapi satu apa pun tak buat.
It's okay, tu la makna holiday. Cuti.

Semester 2 has begun last week and there's quite number of things yang dah belajar.
Especially Molecular Medicine.
Phewww I hope this semester I'll be able to manage my studies well.

It's been awhile since I thought of typing an entry about my life throughout the first semester,
but this leisure and happiness of holidays make me feel lazier by days,
and rasa sangat malas to do anything including nak blogging.
Hehehe. I even don't know how to start, from which point should I narrate?

Hmmmmm. With the orientation, I think.
I've posted about the offer I got, right?
So straight we go to the registration day.
It was September 19 and a sad day for me, because the farewell moment with my family didn't went well.
And Ibah was slightly sick on that particular day, and I was stuck with the orientation programme since I arrived late :(
So I couldn't wave them goodbye nicely sobsob.
It took me about 2 weeks to settle down my tears, but the homesickness has never disappeared.
I miss my home, my family everyday.

The orientation week was held for 3 days, from Wednesday (the registration day) to Friday.
Full of talks, a short walk around the campus and some other stuffs we've done which I couldn't recall right now.
And the most exciting event to be remembered, of course, the dinner event.
There's nothing much to tell actually.

And then we officially started our class the week after the orientation week.
Monday, Sept 24 rasanya. And the time flies so fast, we had our last class for JC1 on Dec 21st,
before having 2 weeks of Christmas break,
followed by one week of study week before we fought to die for our final examinations. Hohoho.

So, roughly, about the modules we've to learn during Junior Cycle 1 are:
Module 1 : Neuromuscular (NM)
Module 2 : Haemopoietic and Immune System (HIS)
Module 3 & 4 : Alimentary System (Double module) (AS)
Module 5 : Concept and Principles of Biomedicine (CPB)
Module 6 : Health, Behaviour and Society (HBS)

Basically, that's all of it.
Looks pretty simple but once you're here, you'll know how big and complex that simple look is actually.

In each module, things are mixed up,
anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and blahblahblah.
Hehehehe. Kecuali module HBS, it's all about Psychology.
CPB is 75% about biochemistry and a bit of pharmacology.

Anddd, histology, is a subject which we have to learn it by ourselves.
Self-learning, ada final exam O.O
Awesome mehhh T___T

What else?
Oh, that card signing.
Okay, card signing adalah moment yang paling ditakuti I think, apart from examinations.
Card signing ni adalah sesi oral test (grades are recorded) tentang anatomi.
You'll be asked about anatomi yang ada inside your lecture notes.
You'll be sorted in groups, and the session will be held every two week,
bergilir2, I don't know how to describe but untuk one whole semester, this card signing akan ada 3 kali.
In front of your groupmates (and maybe the whole class), lecturer will ask you questions up to 3 minutes rasanya.
Part tanya depan ramai orang ni la buat aku lemah semangat. I don't like oral test :(
I'll always end screwed up like I learnt nothing :(
So sad.

Last lab class for JC1

In PU we don't do dissection, so far.
Masuk lab and watch that anatomy video, after that, discuss with your groupmates and your lecturer.
Anything yang you rasa tak make sense or you don't understand, this is the moment to ask them.

And some of us are randomly picked to follow the English class.
Yeah you got that right, I'm one of the victim. LOL
My English, obviously isn't so good so I had to attend the class during last semester,
and apparently for this semester as well.
Some of us are lucky to be excluded from attending the class for this sem.
*greening with envy*
Satu je yang aku rasa berat nak attend the class, which is I get bored and sleepy damn easily,
and Ms Ann will notice that I'm sleepy (or worse, I'm sleeping),
because the class consists of only a few people T____T
Tak boleh tidur dalam kelas sobsob.

Thanks Azwa for this photo, curik from facebook hoho.
Ini some of us who were in the English class. Again this is the last day for JC1 ;)

Apa lagi nak diceritakan ya?
Test dengan exam tak nak cerita. I hate that part. Heeeee ;)
Oh ye, Perdana University (PU) ni takde kampus sendiri lagi jadi kami menumpang MARDI hoho.
Sihat hidup dalam kawasan MARDI ni, hijaaaauuu je penuh dengan pokok hiks.
Closer to nature gitteewww.
Aura gedik aku dah keluar nampaknya. Muehehe :3

Okay sebelum aku share gambar2 yang terkumpul sepanjang semester 1, nak cite sikit pasal PU ni.
Under PU, we got two different medical schools which are:
(1) Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (PUGSOM), in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
(2) Perdana University - Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (PU-RCSI).

PUGSOM ni khas untuk mereka yang telahpun mempunyai ijazah,
I'm not so sure in what course but definitely bukan ijazah doktor perubatan la,
but then they still can be a doctor kalau take this course, for 4 years.

While PU-RCSI is an undergraduate medical degree programme.
Awesome meh this med school, aku suka, happy belajar kat PU :)
I don't know why, maybe sebab the people are awesome, but I really am thankful to be here.
Even though I really feel I did bad for my semester 1,
I still have 9 semesters left to make few changes to every single thing to be better,
insyaAllah, with His help, things will be better, slowly.

I don't know what to write anymore, idea kurang sobsob.
But if you're interested in joining us in PU and happened to come across this post,
and have something on your mind that you would like to know,
just ask me okay. I would be glad to help you guys :)

And oh, we got no official hostels jugak so far so PU provided us Cyber Height Villa,
which is a luxury place I think for students to live, habis mak oi separuh elaun JPA aku muehehe :3
I hope Mr Aru will find a nicer, less pricy place for us to accommodate next year.
Cyber Height ni sebenarnya okay je, aku je yang over cerewet :/

Some pictures of Cyber Heights hohoho.
Enjoy the captured moments! ;)
Note that some pictures are taken from friends' facebooks,
I have no camera sobsob :'(

In auditorium, waiting for class to start.
Yes this is Bob AF2 and Abigail, my friend in PU.
Okay masa ni we joined the 2012 World AIDS Day Celebration at Berjaya Times Square.
Great experience, great day!
We were assigned a few tasks, untuk sell those cards which akan contribute untuk donation kepada HIV Positive patients. Baru tahu rasa salesman macam mana. Ada yang memberi and ada yang menolak.
Itu semua pengalaman ^_^

A pretty RED day if you noticed ;)

From Azwa's profile again.
Masa ni we had lunch, specially cooked by Azwa, Rabi and  Hana.
Sedap gila. Because during weekend tak ramai ada, kami pun buat la aktiviti sendiri.
Ashraf took this picture so yeah, obviously he's not in the picture.
Ni Hana buat. SEDAPPP! :D
Ni Azwa buat. Pun SEDAPPP! Aku je yang tak pandai2 sampai hari ni :/
Ni baru sampai cyber from PU so a few of us decided to have our dinner at La Vida.
All works and no eating make us zombies laaa. Haha. 
Okay ini awesome suka gila. We had our usrah together at Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin ataupun turut dikenali sebagai Masjid Besi. CANTIK SANGAAAAAAAATTTTT. Nama sultan Terengganu lak tu, turut bangga aku muehehe :3 We finished our class, rasanya Khamis hari tu, and konvoi ramai2 had lunch at Alamanda, and lepak berusrah sepetang di Masjid Besi, and we gathered again for our dinner before heading back home :)
Thanks to Google.

Azwa, Rabi and Hana :D

Orang lain tekun tapi aku.....? :P

DINNER! Haha. Dinner itu menandakan semester tersebut menghampiri penghujungnya. Kan?
Hehehe. So this time, thanks to Mimi (in yellow shawl) for the picturessss ;)
We had our night on a cruise. Mabuk2 juga aku awal2 tu. Haha.
Meet (from left, standing) : Me, Maryam, Mimi and Izzy.
While yang sitting tu adalah our lecturers, from left, Dr Ahmed's fiancee, Dr Ahmed and Dr Jonathan.
And this Dr Jonathan lah yang interviewed me back then in May 2012!
Sadly, he's not teaching us in PU anymore. 

Us with Dr Uma and Ms Ann.

Us again with Dr Rohana and her cute lil daughter ;)
 I think that's all for now.
If I feel like adding more, I'll update this post later okay.
And actually, the examination results for semester 1 will be announced tomorrow,
so, pray for our success okay.
I really am not hoping or aiming high, I just can hope I'll pass all modules.
Really. Pray for me guys. You know how bad I did for my prev sem.
Hanya mampu berharap tomorrow's result won't affect my current semester's perfomance and spirit.
Till then, take care guys! :)

PS : Sobbing, only 2 days left to enjoy my holidays T___T