Thursday, February 14, 2013

My JC1 at Perdana University (PU-RCSI)

Assalamualaikum and greetings beautiful and handsome people :)
Currently I'm at home, enjoying the remaining days of Chinese New Year holidays,
and I feel this holidays are more relaxing compared to my semester break holiday,
I do enjoy every second without thinking about my studies hoho.
Thought of doing histology tapi satu apa pun tak buat.
It's okay, tu la makna holiday. Cuti.

Semester 2 has begun last week and there's quite number of things yang dah belajar.
Especially Molecular Medicine.
Phewww I hope this semester I'll be able to manage my studies well.

It's been awhile since I thought of typing an entry about my life throughout the first semester,
but this leisure and happiness of holidays make me feel lazier by days,
and rasa sangat malas to do anything including nak blogging.
Hehehe. I even don't know how to start, from which point should I narrate?

Hmmmmm. With the orientation, I think.
I've posted about the offer I got, right?
So straight we go to the registration day.
It was September 19 and a sad day for me, because the farewell moment with my family didn't went well.
And Ibah was slightly sick on that particular day, and I was stuck with the orientation programme since I arrived late :(
So I couldn't wave them goodbye nicely sobsob.
It took me about 2 weeks to settle down my tears, but the homesickness has never disappeared.
I miss my home, my family everyday.

The orientation week was held for 3 days, from Wednesday (the registration day) to Friday.
Full of talks, a short walk around the campus and some other stuffs we've done which I couldn't recall right now.
And the most exciting event to be remembered, of course, the dinner event.
There's nothing much to tell actually.

And then we officially started our class the week after the orientation week.
Monday, Sept 24 rasanya. And the time flies so fast, we had our last class for JC1 on Dec 21st,
before having 2 weeks of Christmas break,
followed by one week of study week before we fought to die for our final examinations. Hohoho.

So, roughly, about the modules we've to learn during Junior Cycle 1 are:
Module 1 : Neuromuscular (NM)
Module 2 : Haemopoietic and Immune System (HIS)
Module 3 & 4 : Alimentary System (Double module) (AS)
Module 5 : Concept and Principles of Biomedicine (CPB)
Module 6 : Health, Behaviour and Society (HBS)

Basically, that's all of it.
Looks pretty simple but once you're here, you'll know how big and complex that simple look is actually.

In each module, things are mixed up,
anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and blahblahblah.
Hehehehe. Kecuali module HBS, it's all about Psychology.
CPB is 75% about biochemistry and a bit of pharmacology.

Anddd, histology, is a subject which we have to learn it by ourselves.
Self-learning, ada final exam O.O
Awesome mehhh T___T

What else?
Oh, that card signing.
Okay, card signing adalah moment yang paling ditakuti I think, apart from examinations.
Card signing ni adalah sesi oral test (grades are recorded) tentang anatomi.
You'll be asked about anatomi yang ada inside your lecture notes.
You'll be sorted in groups, and the session will be held every two week,
bergilir2, I don't know how to describe but untuk one whole semester, this card signing akan ada 3 kali.
In front of your groupmates (and maybe the whole class), lecturer will ask you questions up to 3 minutes rasanya.
Part tanya depan ramai orang ni la buat aku lemah semangat. I don't like oral test :(
I'll always end screwed up like I learnt nothing :(
So sad.

Last lab class for JC1

In PU we don't do dissection, so far.
Masuk lab and watch that anatomy video, after that, discuss with your groupmates and your lecturer.
Anything yang you rasa tak make sense or you don't understand, this is the moment to ask them.

And some of us are randomly picked to follow the English class.
Yeah you got that right, I'm one of the victim. LOL
My English, obviously isn't so good so I had to attend the class during last semester,
and apparently for this semester as well.
Some of us are lucky to be excluded from attending the class for this sem.
*greening with envy*
Satu je yang aku rasa berat nak attend the class, which is I get bored and sleepy damn easily,
and Ms Ann will notice that I'm sleepy (or worse, I'm sleeping),
because the class consists of only a few people T____T
Tak boleh tidur dalam kelas sobsob.

Thanks Azwa for this photo, curik from facebook hoho.
Ini some of us who were in the English class. Again this is the last day for JC1 ;)

Apa lagi nak diceritakan ya?
Test dengan exam tak nak cerita. I hate that part. Heeeee ;)
Oh ye, Perdana University (PU) ni takde kampus sendiri lagi jadi kami menumpang MARDI hoho.
Sihat hidup dalam kawasan MARDI ni, hijaaaauuu je penuh dengan pokok hiks.
Closer to nature gitteewww.
Aura gedik aku dah keluar nampaknya. Muehehe :3

Okay sebelum aku share gambar2 yang terkumpul sepanjang semester 1, nak cite sikit pasal PU ni.
Under PU, we got two different medical schools which are:
(1) Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (PUGSOM), in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
(2) Perdana University - Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (PU-RCSI).

PUGSOM ni khas untuk mereka yang telahpun mempunyai ijazah,
I'm not so sure in what course but definitely bukan ijazah doktor perubatan la,
but then they still can be a doctor kalau take this course, for 4 years.

While PU-RCSI is an undergraduate medical degree programme.
Awesome meh this med school, aku suka, happy belajar kat PU :)
I don't know why, maybe sebab the people are awesome, but I really am thankful to be here.
Even though I really feel I did bad for my semester 1,
I still have 9 semesters left to make few changes to every single thing to be better,
insyaAllah, with His help, things will be better, slowly.

I don't know what to write anymore, idea kurang sobsob.
But if you're interested in joining us in PU and happened to come across this post,
and have something on your mind that you would like to know,
just ask me okay. I would be glad to help you guys :)

And oh, we got no official hostels jugak so far so PU provided us Cyber Height Villa,
which is a luxury place I think for students to live, habis mak oi separuh elaun JPA aku muehehe :3
I hope Mr Aru will find a nicer, less pricy place for us to accommodate next year.
Cyber Height ni sebenarnya okay je, aku je yang over cerewet :/

Some pictures of Cyber Heights hohoho.
Enjoy the captured moments! ;)
Note that some pictures are taken from friends' facebooks,
I have no camera sobsob :'(

In auditorium, waiting for class to start.
Yes this is Bob AF2 and Abigail, my friend in PU.
Okay masa ni we joined the 2012 World AIDS Day Celebration at Berjaya Times Square.
Great experience, great day!
We were assigned a few tasks, untuk sell those cards which akan contribute untuk donation kepada HIV Positive patients. Baru tahu rasa salesman macam mana. Ada yang memberi and ada yang menolak.
Itu semua pengalaman ^_^

A pretty RED day if you noticed ;)

From Azwa's profile again.
Masa ni we had lunch, specially cooked by Azwa, Rabi and  Hana.
Sedap gila. Because during weekend tak ramai ada, kami pun buat la aktiviti sendiri.
Ashraf took this picture so yeah, obviously he's not in the picture.
Ni Hana buat. SEDAPPP! :D
Ni Azwa buat. Pun SEDAPPP! Aku je yang tak pandai2 sampai hari ni :/
Ni baru sampai cyber from PU so a few of us decided to have our dinner at La Vida.
All works and no eating make us zombies laaa. Haha. 
Okay ini awesome suka gila. We had our usrah together at Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin ataupun turut dikenali sebagai Masjid Besi. CANTIK SANGAAAAAAAATTTTT. Nama sultan Terengganu lak tu, turut bangga aku muehehe :3 We finished our class, rasanya Khamis hari tu, and konvoi ramai2 had lunch at Alamanda, and lepak berusrah sepetang di Masjid Besi, and we gathered again for our dinner before heading back home :)
Thanks to Google.

Azwa, Rabi and Hana :D

Orang lain tekun tapi aku.....? :P

DINNER! Haha. Dinner itu menandakan semester tersebut menghampiri penghujungnya. Kan?
Hehehe. So this time, thanks to Mimi (in yellow shawl) for the picturessss ;)
We had our night on a cruise. Mabuk2 juga aku awal2 tu. Haha.
Meet (from left, standing) : Me, Maryam, Mimi and Izzy.
While yang sitting tu adalah our lecturers, from left, Dr Ahmed's fiancee, Dr Ahmed and Dr Jonathan.
And this Dr Jonathan lah yang interviewed me back then in May 2012!
Sadly, he's not teaching us in PU anymore. 

Us with Dr Uma and Ms Ann.

Us again with Dr Rohana and her cute lil daughter ;)
 I think that's all for now.
If I feel like adding more, I'll update this post later okay.
And actually, the examination results for semester 1 will be announced tomorrow,
so, pray for our success okay.
I really am not hoping or aiming high, I just can hope I'll pass all modules.
Really. Pray for me guys. You know how bad I did for my prev sem.
Hanya mampu berharap tomorrow's result won't affect my current semester's perfomance and spirit.
Till then, take care guys! :)

PS : Sobbing, only 2 days left to enjoy my holidays T___T


Monday, February 4, 2013

Say Hello to Second Semester

Assalamualaikum and greetings lovely people.
Just so you know I'm typing this post using this desktop provided in the e-library of Perdana University because surfing the internet using my laptop seems to elevate my patience to the top sebab line wireless macam tak nak bagi saya guna internet :( merajuklah macam ni. Sobsob.

So it's the first day of my second semester in PU,
or here we the students are called as Junior Cycle 2 (JC2) sebab we're starting the second cycle already okay ayat berbelit lantaklah hiks.

I can feel the coldness lols
Today we got two classes which was on Molecular Medicine and also Genitourinary and Endocrine modules. Mesti bajet speaking sikit sebab dah masuk campus en HAHA. Maka kelas untuk hari ini tamat pada jam 2.30 petang tadi sumpah mengantuk gilaaaa (bak kata Mimi, bila je aku tak mengantuk dalam kelas muahaha) and tambah pulak, gastric pain stroke me today right before the first class started. I don't really know why since I had my breakfast on time -,- and because of the pain, I loss my appetite so I skipped lunch hikhik and now, yessss, lapar T____T takpe nanti sampai Cyber Height I will drop by at La Vida and buy some food to fill my tummy up. Pity my tummy, balik Cyber je mesti kena dera. Hihi. Oh I think this pain is some sort of continuation from last night's pain sebab I had my dinner quite late.
Yalaaaa, padan muka aku. I rearranged my study table, now I'm facing the wall instead of facing the hall (tu position last semester) which I hope dengan new position ni I'll study more lah -___- and susun2 sapu2 kemas2 meja semua, so aku decide nak makan after my job siap but then, yes, gastrik dulu. Hmmmm.
Aku yang tempah sakit tu. Sobs.

So Isnin is almost done, tinggal lagi Selasa Rabu Khamis and Jumaat, I'll be travelling back to Kuala Terengganu weee~I can't wait to reach home this Saturday morning (hopefully there won't be any obstacles, amin). But I can't spend my Saturday sleeping because the big family will be having a tahlil that night. Uuuuu family gathering, I likeeeee. Sokay that I can't sleep on Saturday, Sunday is still there for me to sleep muehehe :P

What else aku tak report lagi for today? Hahaha.
I'm thinking of getting something from Agro Mart sebab lapar sangat dah ni so papai keyboard papai desktop papai blog papaiiiii people, take care and hope you're having a nice day!

PS : Ohhh the result might be released this February 15 kbai.
P PS : Currently addicted to this beautiful song by Chester See (who else you'd expect from me haha), sharing it because it might mean something to someone. And I'm dedicating this to anyone who might be related to the lyrics. Okay I used 'might' a lot today. Away from keyboard now, enjoy the song peeps ;)

Everything - Chester See

She loved and left me 
Still she kept me 
Wanting more, but feelings empty 
Did she have to go? 
Will I ever know? 

 Love and leave me 
She deceived me 
The way she kissed 
Was so misleading 
I thought that she might stay 
Then she went away 

Before I close the chapter to your name 
There's a couple things I never got to say 

Your eyes are wonderful 
Your smile is too 
Your laugh's contagious 
And your heart is true 
There's beauty in your touch 
And your kiss is love 
You're everything that every guy dreams of 
You're everything that makes me fall in love 

It's been some time 
But still I find 
I'm struggling with our last goodbye 

I thought this love would last 
Now I'm living in the past 
Cause it's just me 
And memories of how my heart 
Would skip a beat 
Whenever you were near 
Now you're never here 

Before I find the strength 
To let this go 
There's a couple things 
I need for you to know 

Your eyes are wonderful 
Your smile is too 
Your laugh's contagious 
And your heart is true 
There's beauty in your touch 
And your kiss is love 
You're everything that every guy dreams of 
You're everything that makes me fall in love 
You're everything that every guy dreams of 
You're everything That makes me Fall in love 

Your eyes are wonderful 
Your smile is too 
Your laugh's contagious 
And your heart is true 
YEAH, there's beauty in your touch 
And your KISS is love 
You're everything 
Yes you're everything 
You're everything that makes me fall in love 
Yeah, in love

Last words from me today, because I'm so into the lyrics,
(and I do hope that particular girl would read this,)
: walfitnatu asyaddu minalqatl,
as stated in surah alBaqarah if I'm not mistaken :)
So long goodbye (I mean, the real goodbye this time, haha *throw keyboard* because typing an entry is such a stress-relieving activity :P) till then ;)