Friday, May 17, 2013

17 May 2013: Study Week Begins!

Assalamualaikum and good day people.
Writing all the wayy from Serdang in PU campus with a half-opened eyes because I am sleepy,
(I just woke up from my sleep btw) and guess what?

One more interesting fact is,
today is 17th May 2013. Exactly one year before this present day,
I attended my PU's interview here. And now, abra cadabra, one year dah berlalu!
It's fascinating knowing how fast time travels these days, right?

So I can proudly (I think anxiously would suit the situation better) announce that,
study week BEGINSSSS!

Just wanna let you guys know,
I will be sitting for my first paper on the 27th of May (10 days more!),
and my last paper is on the 5th of June (Islamic Studies).
19 days left before I can go hooomeeeeeeeeeeee!
Homeee, I miss hooommeeee.

Like, seriously, I miss home.

Tadi I felt a bit sad since everyone was going back to their home for a couple of days before they come back to cyberheight to study.
Agak sedih  lagi sekarang ni to be honest but, keep calm Sarah,
ganjaran untuk orang yang bersabar adalah sangat besar.
Janji Allah tak pernah Dia mungkiri.
Believe in Him.

In the remembrance of Allah where heart finds rest, right people? 

I thinks that's all, and have a beautiful day earthlings!
Best wishes to everyone, to batch 95 who are going to further their higher level of studies after getting UPU's result today, to foundation/matriculation leavers in waiting for their results/upu or anything related and for degree students, keep calm and wait for your finals to arrive. Meanwhile, do your revision!
Take care and pray for our excellence guys!

To you :)


6 buddy (ies):

Miss Ongy (Wanie) said...


norhafizahalias said...

goodluck, kak sarah.. :)

uwmaisarah said...

Miss Ongy (Wanie),

kenapa amboi3 Kak Ani? Heeee :P

uwmaisarah said...


thanks dear ;)
All the best in your future undertaking Fizah <3

Farah Zoey said...

sayanggg , good luck .
boleh buat punya . SPM dulu lagi lah amik 11 subjek tahu dak ?
sekarang kat U berapa subjek je pun .
kat sekolah boleh why dekat U tak boleh ?
PS : untuk diri sendiri jugak . hehehe xDD

uwmaisarah said...

Farah Zoey,

hahaha thank youuu!
Take care at home okayhhh <3
Ala sekarang punya sikit subjek tu macam 24 subjek zaman SPM hahahaha xD

I'll try but I can't promise lalink ;)