Monday, October 28, 2013

End of October!

Hey peeps, assalamualaikum :D

Tomorrow and on Thursday, we the JC1 students have our formative examinations and I can see everyone is sinking in their examination and revision mood deeply. All the best everyone and I think this is the time which most of us will have test or something right, so this wish applies to you guys in other unis as well, especially Kak Cik ;) May He ease everything for us :D BREAK A LEG PEOPLE!

This year we're living in academia instead of cyberheight. A better place in term of getting food and the downsides are we find it hard to hang our laundries and we have no washing machine, and etc. Never mind lah we can still live peacefully. #SyukurMalaysiaMasihAman okay dekat blog pun nak main hashtag bagai haha.

PS: Going home this Friday for a short break, and sadly the class will be starting on Wednesday 6/11/13 so that means I only have a 5-day-break but will make the best out of it :D

PPS: Too happy because October is ending? LOL.