Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's A Wrap.

Assalamualaikum, it's Dec 31 like seriously can you believe time travels this quick?
I guess we were to busy to notice how time actually travels at the same pace at any moment,
because the hassles have always kept us lost track in time.

"Time is like a river. 
You can’t touch the same water twice, 
because the flow that has passed will never pass again."

As whole, 2013 is a pretty bad year for me but it's beautiful as well.
It really reminds me of 2009.
Yala what's life without any rains and storms, right?
Even the Sun doesn't come out everyday, even at night the Moon is sometimes hidden.
But there are sayings like,
"rainbow won't come without rains and storms",
and "when it's really dark then we can see the stars clearly",
which give us some hopes and lights to go through the bumpy path.
But September 2013 was lovely as usual :*

Nonetheless, everything is destined and it's up to us whether to get up and be better,
or to stay at the same damn level, without any improvements.
Ohyeahh changing ain't easy but it ain't impossible as well.
Even it is impossible, tell yourself that impossible is nothing ;)

Uuuhh really it's easier said than done. Hahaha.
This is just a post to conclude 2013 with pictures.
Since I don't really write much as I used to, this is like a pengubat rindu lah haha XD
Rindu nak blogging seceria zaman dulu dan sepositif kala dulu.
Due to time constraints and lack of enthusiasm,
words yang aku susun elok2 dalam otak untuk blog are left unsaid :(
Note that now I am in the middle of my 3-Christmas-and-study-weeks break,
1 weeks and few days dah habis. Sobs.




Just a scenery in front of PU.

I've always wanted to snap a picture like this hehe :P

So when it's tengkujuh, these are normal conditions that need to be gone through...

View from my room's window from my hostel at Seri Kembangan.

Volunteered for Asian Gaelic Games 2013 with colleagues ;)

Sepetang bersama Far and Azim.

Some of my birthday surprises :*

Solat hajat with Perdana University mates hehe

Dating dengan Nina, roommate during foundation kat Puncak Alam.
Birthday Sultan Selangor punya cuti ni. Thanks Cik Mi belanja makan hehe.
Feeling blessed because Allah granted me a chance to be with these awesome earthlings.
Raya IdulAdha hari tu dengan diorang ni lah :*

Whatever happened this year, 2013 has taught me a lot.
A loooooooooooootttt!
Most of everything,
2013 taught me how to expand and enhance my patience up to a whole new level.
And patience has always been the best choice.
Say it when we are mad or sad,
being patient is just lovely.

I really have thousand things to speak about but the time seems to not approving me.

Do wish me luck for my coming finals on the Jan 13, 16, 22 & 25 in 2014.
6 papers in 3 days + one viva Allah save me and my friends.
Yeah, examination is a nice way to celebrate new year's eve, isn't it?

"No matter what happens in life, be good to people. 
Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind."

So my beloved people,
kiss 2013 goodbye now and welcome 2014!
Thanks everyone who rocked my 2013 and please stay for the rest of my life :D
Syukran lillah for the life given, for lessons I've learnt, for the tests which toughen up my soul.
May success will be on our side, with good fortunes and better days ;)

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