Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Assalamualaikum readers.
Hai hello how was your first page of 2014?
Rajin terlebih pulak dua tiga hari ni nak post ye ihiks.

So one day in last December I went to the bank to settle something.
I decided to draw some arterial supplies in our body, to be specific the branches of our aorta,
while waiting for my turn.
To make use of the time of course.
Then my number showed up in the screen,
I stood up and stepped to the officer bringing my documents,
together with my drawing, being the top-most document.

The officer greeted me with salam and asked:
Nok gi mane lukis peta tu?

So here you go, the so-called-map.

No wonder mak cik tu misunderstood this as a map kan -______-
Oh yesss, excuse my terrible drawings and handwriting. Drew and wrote on my own lap,
didn't help me to write and draw as neatly as possible.
PS: My real and normal handwriting is way better than the above image okay haha.


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