Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Is It Just Me?

Hola people, assalamualaikum.
So here I am, typing from a room in Perdana University okay please get what I'm trying to tell;
the new semester has begun! *CRY*

The semester break was just like a-day off. I need more HOLIDAYSSS.

And lots of things had happened, which I should write 'em in another post.
Maybe the next post following this one in few more days.

Right now I'm just using my spare time sementara tunggu Asar masuk,
and I don't really do studying or revision in the evening except during study weeks or,
when I have the mood. Additional point: today is the first day so I'm giving myself a short break before getting back to endless-medicine stuffs, head-cracking-assignments and blablabla.

So the first day went just fine, had 3 lectures today,
stuffs on anatomy, biochemistry and psychology.
Received my project case for the semester omg I feel sooooo burdened haha padahal baru first day lol.

Okay I really need to spill everything out so I guess you can expect another post here in few days time.
Right now I can't due to time constraint. Actually I've imagined every single thing that I wanted to write up but I was enjoying my hols to the maximum and now I got no internet at hostel because I've terminated my YES 4G broadband (but I'm on my way to buy a new prepaid internet plan). Oh I need internet for this semester because I have a crucial group project to be done (aceceyy semangat baru masuk semester trololol).
So yeah I know this is literally bombarding and babbling but I just can't help myself,
I have A LOOOOTT in my mindddd. Gotta go, dah 4.51pm, Allah memanggil :D


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