Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Break & Happy Ramadhan

Hi everyone! Assalamualaikum :)
How's your Ramadhan so far? We've made it till the 25th day thanks to Him,
and may we all be granted longevity to make it till the end of Ramadhan,
and to meet next year's Ramadhan, amin.

Ramadhan's been so great to me, and I've been quite busy as well.
Minus the lazy days (I'm still the normal me, lazy bum and sleepyhead),
but I've been trying to be better throughout this holy month so yay me haha.

Anyway condolences and a moment of silence to those who are affected,
and the deceased in Gaza, in MH17 plane crash and the most recent one, GE222.
We shall continue to hope for justice in MH17 case and in Gaza as well.

I really thought Ramadhan would pass by slower than the other months.
Instead it turned out to pass by quicker. Can barely believe today is the 26th day!

Alhamdulillah I started sewing a fortnight ago, I regret not starting this a bit earlier,
haha. After some days of sewing and some days of having break
(because I do things in accordance to my mood, REALLY, I DO, IN MOST THINGS),
so I finished my project quite late. First summer project!
I really believe I could do things much faster,
that's one of the main reasons why I procrastinate.
Padahal I take a longer time than I've imagined lol. (One die hard habit that needs to be changed :p)
So what did I do? Jeng jeng jeng. Haha. Benda senang je :P
Actually, my mom and dad bought quite a number of cloth last year,
for the 5 of us, untuk buat bedsheets. 5 single size bedsheets (with its respective pillow case of course),
so that was my project! Setelah membanting tulang acececey this is an exaggerration la.
Ala senang je sebenarnya, cadar katil je pun. Ukur2 kain, potong, then jahit tepi.
Haha. And for pillow case, sama juga, ukur potong jahit.
And actually nak jahit one small piece of pillow case tu takes a longer time compared to that one big bedsheet okay.
Because pillow case ni complex sikit compared to bedsheet. Bedsheet tu sehelai sekeping camtu je.
But since I've been sewing my own pillow cases for years, I find it not really a big hassle.
Dulu2 jahit guna tangan je sarung bantal ni :p
So that's it, rasa suka dapat berkhidmat untuk negara, eh, keluarga, haha.
Siap 5 cadar single untuk aku adik-beradik muahaha.
Suka sangat :D

Then I sewed few things more for myself and there's still some projects to be worked on,
tu lepas raya lah. Lepas siap baru boleh bagitau, kang tak jadi buat malu je haha.

So yesterday I went out with Far to Kamdar (kantoi beli kain) haha and we went to search for street art at Kg Cina.
YAYYY DAH JUMPA. But it was so sunny and scorching hot so amik gambar pun tak nampak muka and aku senyum pun,
senyum gaya tahan terik panas matahari. Thank God it was quite windy masa we reached the third and the last alley.
Okay la the places were nice, and bolehlaaa for taking pictures.
Wish I had a proper camera sobs.
At Kg Cina, there are these 4 alleys, small alleys that they decorated with umbrellas,
shoes, batik, and few cool stuffs. People go there to capture some nice shots.
And actually kitorang dapat tahu pun from pictures uploaded in Instagram XD
And I wanna go there again at a more decent time so that tak payah tahan panas matahari untuk amik gambar teehee.

As uploaded on my instagram hehehe
And the day before, I attended an event with my highschool friends,
specifically my 5 al-Ikhlas' classmates. Iftar Jamaei 5 al-Ikhlas '10 lagi ha namanya.
Kihkihkih. There were 11 of us, and balancing out 24 people who couldn't make it.
Okay la nak dapat 11 orang pun bukan senang. Some ada short sem so haven't arrived in Terengganu,
some are away, and the others had their own reasons lah. But I'm thankful for the chance I had that evening.
And I finally got to meet our young-mother-to-be; Ain! Was sooo happy,
ehem, she arrived the latest so everyone was excited to see her.
Preggy lil mommy, comel sangat.
Wishing you an easy delivery young lady and may Allah grant you easeness nanti tau ;)
It felt so great to sit there with them and still feel like the good old times.
Didn't really feel any weirdness of awkwardness, except for Faizah sangat kurusss. Haha tu bukan awkward pun hehe.
Couldn't talk so much with everyone due to time constraint so I really look forward to see them again this eid,
after I come home from Kedah. And those who couldn't make it pun, lagi-lagilah I wanna to meet.
Anyhow, thanks Adlina and Ika for your efforts to book the restaurant etc,
thank you Didie, Ain, Ummi, Sofie, Wani, Faizah, Fizah and Syahir (Syahir-ah would do as well since he was the only guy lol),
thank you everyone for your time :)
SMKA Tok Jiring / SMKA Dato' Haji Abbas bound 

As uploaded on Didie's Instagram hehehe, hai Didie, aku pinjam gambo mu ning.
Tolong wak glamour mu, dakpe kan? HAHAHA
So those were some great moments I had recently, and am looking forward for more during eid.
I'll be going to Kedah this Saturday, pray for me and my family to have a safe journey,
to go to Kedah and to come home to Terengganu, to arrive at both places safely, amin.
May you guys be blessed even more during these last days of Ramadhan and,
I wish you guys a blissful Eid Fitri!

And dear you, behave, while I'm not in Terengganu muehehe :3
Happy 9 years of friendship Zim!
May the coming years be filled with more great things :3

And I shall not forget those whom this coming syawal,
might be their first time celebrating eid without their beloved mom or dad.
Al-Fatihah. Allahumma firghlahum warhamhum.

Wassalamualaikum wbt.

26 Ramadhan 1435H
24 Julai 2014M

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Academia, South City Plaza.

Assalamualaikum and greeting folks ;)
How are you guys today? Kalau tak sihat mohon shut down laptop,
turn away from your phone and get some rest ekekeke.
Just kidding la, suka hati aku je halau orang en lols.

Today iolls nak cerita bout my previous house which I lived in for about 9 months kot,
The Academia, South City Plaza.

Since Universiti Perdana takde official hostel or asrama or whatever you call it,
diorang sediakan tempat juga lah to accommodate their students but rental rates dia ehem ehem la.
Hahahaha. Sebab sewa orang punya tempat en.

Like untuk academic year 2012/2013, we lived in Cyberheights Villa,
a very cosy and big house I would say with 3 rooms (unfortunately I got the smallest room *cry*),
and you need to pay RM840 per month for a single-sharing room,
RM420 for a twin-sharing room and RM280 for a triple-sharing room.
Your choice. As whole, sebuah rumah would cost you RM2400 per month lah.
Tapi ni betul rumah like rumah untuk one family gitu.

For 2013/2014, PU punya accommodation pindah pergi The Academia,
apartment punya style but kecik gila and ada lots of foreigners I tell ya,
lagi ramai daripada kat Cyber. Rumah dia kecik tu, rumah teres lagi besar.
Tak tipuuuuuuuuu.
But this time aku dengan my roommate dah tempah awal nak master bedroom,
so among the 3 rooms in one unit, bilik aku lah paling besar, with attached bathroom.
Tapi bilik paling besar dekat Academia ni adalah equivalent to bilik paling kecik dekat Cyberheights tu.

Untuk twin-sharing, we have to pay RM375 per month,
and kalau single occupancy, RM495 per month.

At Academia,
ada 3 rooms juga, which I would say sesuai for single occupancy je semua except for the master bedroom,
two bathrooms (one of them is attached to the master bedroom),
one dining area which is combined with the living hall,
one kitchen, em, actually, one smaaaalll kitchen area,
and one small room untuk letak washing machine kot (ala2 dry kitchen gitu).
But PU just provides us with one refrigerator,
one dining table, study table with plastic chair,
a single bed (with one pillow) and a cupboard for each student.
No stove, no washing machine.

Ini dapurnya. Acecey saja nak close up rak pinggan taktau apa motif haha.
Tu peti sejuk kecik ja. Cukuplah dengan taraf students hehe.
This is the small room, yang ala2 dry kitchen tu.
Disebabkan takde buat apa dekat sini we gathered up our luggage and stuffs here.
Sebab kitorang sidai baju kat living hall hehe
I know, I know. It looks messy, damn messy right. Forgive me those are my clothes,
sebab masa ni I haven't bought my ampaian so sidai kat besi curtain pun boleh laaaa.
Kejap je la kalau tak runtuh la benda tu ahahaha.
Basically this is the combined area of living hall and dining area.
You can see in this picture there's a dining table (bottom-leftright corner),
4 study tables (actually we have 5 altogether but one has been taken into the owner's room).
Other stuffs bawak or beli sendiri laaa. And that black chair pun beli sendiri.
They provide us with plastic chair je sobs.
As for me, takde waching machine is quite a hassle because I don't go home every week
so I cannot do my laundry at home. At academia, for people who are lazy to handwash their clothes,
at level 4, they have a laundry room (self-service) - where washing machines and dryer machines are provided.
Pay as you use - RM5 per wash (35 minutes - 7kg washing machine) and,
RM4 for drying(am not sure how many minutes, maybe 35 minutes as well).
So money drains like water yeah for lazy people like me, sebulan RM20 habis tang laundry je T_T

Here you go, your washing machine (right picture) and there's a coin changer machine too!
But it only accepts RM10, and it will give you 50 cents coins which are totaled up to RM9.50 only.
So everytime you change your RM10 to coins, you'll cost RM0.50 T____T
We do not cook (OBVIOUSLY HAHAHA), ala macam kat asrama lah right,
you don't cook as well (nak hilangkan rasa bersalah),
and so didn't I when I was studying foundation in UiTM,
mana ada dapuuuuuuur hahaha. Hari2 beli kat cafe provided in KKPR :3

Well at Academia, obviously lah tak de cafe,
hari2 makan luar kat kedai2 yang ada kat dalam and surrounding South City Plaza (SCP),
tak banyak choice, apa yang ada kau ngap je laahhh.
Kedai Indon, kedai Arab, kedai mamak, ada OldTown White Coffee, Subway,
MarryBrown, Uncle Jack (dalam Giant), em what else -.-
Oh ada KFC juga, dekat je, PappaRich, em what else haaa I've forgotten already meh.
Hahaha. Sorry I tak makan KFC bagai sebab tu lupa ehaks.
Merungut juga lah sebab tak banyak choice but to think again,
kalau duduk hostel IPTA pun kau melantak tempat sama juga,
haih manusia tak reti bersyukur betul T______T

Duit terbang lagi kat makanan, sekali makan mau habis seploh hengget baq ang.
Nangis lelaju. Pastu en, ada lah one time tu kunun2 nak jimat pastu nak eat healthily ah,
aku dinner salad every single night, kadang2 dinner oat. Wakaka.
Tapi kenyang dia tak sama cam makan nasi :(

I know, such a healthy dinner right hahaha.
Sedaaaaaaaaap sangaaaaaaaaat I LIKE THIS VERY MUCH  
Oh ye. Dalam SCP ada Giant, which is one of the things yang aku favour bila stay Academia,
wey ada Giant bawah rumah kot siapa je tak sukaaaa. Kau pakai je apa segala yang ada dalam almari,
turun pergi level 4, kat level 4 tukar naik lif lain yang boleh masuk straight away dalam SCP,
turun pergi level LG kot (HAHA LUPA), tadaaaa giant depan mata!
Takyah kena matahari pun kalau hujan pun masih boleh pergi ke giant tanpa membawa payung haha.
Habis instant mee boleh pergi giant. Susu habis, giant. Lapar cereals, giant.
Sayur2 semua boleh beli right away. Senangnyaaaaaaa.
Jalan kaki je takyah ada kereta. Sebab tu la aku suka Academia kot.
Despite the fact that duit habis RM375 sebulan plus RM50 bayar bas,
it's a place yang agak mudah and convenient for those who do not have their own transportations,
like me.

Duit ada semua boleh beliiiiii muahahaha ni semua pergi borong dekat giant bawah rumah sahaja.
Senangnya hidup kaaaaannn?

Nak outing pun agak senang. Jalan sikit pergi tunggu bas, naik rapidkl,
boleh pergi KTM Serdang tak sampai 5 minit. Nak pergi The Mines pun naik rapidkl.
Both places are less than 5 minutes away dan tambang bas pun seringgit je.
Dah dari KTM Serdang tu nak gi mana2 pun boleh kan.
Hari tu desperate gila aku malas nak susahkan makcik aku, nak beli tiket bas masa tu,
aku bantai pergi Hentian Putra naik KTM, semata nak gi beli tiket haha.
Nak pergi Putrajaya Sentral (kalau nak balik) pun senang,
naik KTM pergi TBS then tukar naik KLIA Transit pergi Putrajaya Sentral.
Tadaaaaaaaaaaa! One more thing yang aku suka bila stay Academia,
kau boleh outing tanpa mengharapkan kereta orang :)

Banyak jugak advantages yang kau dapat kalau stay Academia sebenarnya.
Yang tak best ada a few je.
Yang sangat obvious adalah, rumah/bilik kecik gila dan mahal.
Second bagi aku, takde mesin basuh dalam rumah.

Dan atas faktor rumah kecik dan mahal tu lah aku bakal berpindah masuk rumah sewa member aku untuk second year nanti,
sewa murah sikit but I'm gonna have to face a more challenging lifestyle after this.
Takde dah giant. Pergi balik kelas have to tumpang kawan. And makan, juga kena harap kat orang.
Benda aku paling takut, weekend.
Aku takut kalau tinggal sorang2 pastu aku takde transport nak keluar makan :'(
Aku takut tak cukup makanan kat rumah. So kenalah plan my food well so that boleh masak bila lapar.
Haha. Tapi nanti ada washing machine YAYY. HAHA.
Sorry la aku orang Terengganu, balik dua kali je satu sem.
Study week pun gua tak balik der. Ayah tak bagi sebab balik rumah tak studyyy HAHAHA.

Hi we have a pool but never once I went to bathe there ekeke. This is the view from my room :)
Another view from my room :)
Baiklah, sekian sahaja entri kali ini. Moga bermanfaat.
Em. Bermanfaat ke............. -_-
Well I bet it would be quite beneficial and useful for future students of Perdana University, right?
Do leave a comment if you have queries. I'd be glad to help you guys out!

Till next entry people, insyaAllah. Wassalam.

PS: I am so sorry I have no pictures of those 3 rooms at all T____T but you can google it up :)