Monday, July 7, 2014

Photoshop-ing LOLs

Hi and assalamualaikum :)
Just want to share about what I did for a few days ago.
I was working on a business card, and I've finished designing it, and tadaaaaaa! Haha. 
After a night and several hours in the morning after sahur cramming out in front of my laptop, 
I came up with 4 different designs. Thanks Zim for the opportunity and for having me doing this business card. Katanya nak design yang simple. And nak background hijau satu, pink satu (later he'll choose). 
But because I was berkhayal agaknya, I did a card with both colours blended in! Lol.
Tapi yang tu jugak menjadi pilihan si pemilik business card tersebut, so I am happy.
Learnt a few new things while getting this job finished, alhamdulillah :D
The designs that I came up with and yang terpilih adalah design yang top-left corner.
Never thought pink and green could make up a good combination.
But the final design is not as what you can see here in the image. Of course there was some touch up a bit and more great finishing from Zim himself. I was just helping out :P
And below, as you can see, this was during December 2013 if I am not mistaken. I was in my study break and someone asked me for a lil bit of help to do a poster. Did it in a night, kerja last minute, so banyak juga things yang boleh di-improve actually but I was quite satisfied with what I could come up at that time. Dapat third place hahahaha. Bolehlaahhh buat naik semangat trololol.

Poster Bersama Perangi Rasuah
So far I have never thought of giving this area a serious focus, memandangkan I am not THAT good, plus I do these kind of things on merely interest-basis and hobi bila ada waktu lapang :P
Belajar Photoshop pun guna teknik try (or is it trial actually?) and error plus bila rajin I'll borrow books from library or google things that I want to know and try to imitate the techniques via the provided tutorials and guidance. But when it comes to books, bila pinjam selalu tak sempat nak belajar then dah kena pulangkan hahaha. Busy la sangat en kononnya. So far it's been a great thing to do, apart from reading books and sewing and whatsoever stuff I'll be doing when I'm bored hahaha. 

Till then, hope you guys are doing great in this Ramadhan, may Allah bless ;)
Wassalamualaikum wbt.


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