Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's Week 11! *insert panic emoji*

Week 11 out of 12 teaching weeks in total. Meaning that we're left with two weeks before finals.
We've received our final examination timetable. And our timetable is quite.....I shall say.....annoying sangat. Sobs.

We'll have our first paper on the 9th December and our last day of examination is on the 19th December 2014. That concludes our whole Junior Cycle 03 (first semester for our second year).
We literally have just 4 months for this third semester, including a week of study break and two weeks of final examination. Quite short isn't it?

MAHA's gonna be held starting this 20th November, lotsa preparations are being done right now, we can see lotsa people are going back and forth in front of our building, and I know it's gonna be even crazier when this event starts the day after tomorrow. As this event starts, we PU-RCSIans will not be here and we'll be let know where our classes will be held. But once again, we'll have 3 days of classes next week so there's really nothing big to be worried about, other than our approaching finals. *cryyyyyy*

Hey before I finish this post, here I wanna share some pictures of my friends and I during these few weeks back. (Worrying about the finals yet still went here and there on weekends wth la Sarah haha)

Okayyy, these were taken at Pantai Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson on the, em, lemme recall, 1st November 2014. A member of our Islamic Society had suggested us to go and have some fun at the beach during the weekend and thank God, this actually happened. But without the third year student because they were going to have their formative assessment the following week and without the super senior as well because they were all over the place (since they are already in their clinical year). 

Oh yeah, since PU-RCSI dah ada 4 batches,
it's quite comel because this is how we refer to our batches:
Super senior - fourth year students (cohort 2016),
senior - third year students (cohort 2017),
junior - second year students (cohort 2018),
super junior - first year student (cohort 2019).
Hahaha. I was like, "ha, super junior? SuJu?" Lol comel je siapa coined these terms haha

So the two pictures above were from the recent weekend, I followed my friends to Shah Alam. Azwa wanted to meet her friend who's studying at MSU. Kitorang pergi makan kat Roa by Jovian Mandagie, a Manadonese restaurant. Pedas gila makanan dia weiii hahaha asyik pegang tisu je makan hahahaha. Kedai cantik, deco dia thumbs up sangat. On the wall siap ada Manadonese dictionary lol ahaha a nice idea, kitorang go through juga those words sementara tunggu makanan sampai. Service dia bagus, tak lambat. There was no government tax nor service charge. Hehe

Hehehehehe, ni memang dalam wishlist, akhirnya dapat jugak pergi melantak kat sini and guess what, Blueberry Cheese Crepe diorang sedap sangaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat tak menyesal beli. Dap dap. 

I ordered Mocha Latte, quite pahit (usually mocha won't be as bitter as that) but maybe sebab rushing because after kitorang dah placed our order and bayar and everything, customers tiba2 je ramai. Haha. Worth a visit kalau korang ada masa and duit lebih nak makan lepak2 ngan member :)
So I think that was it, ada lagi gambar tapi tak edit lagi hahaha k nak balik rumah hahaha (nampak sangat bosan stayback PU). Tu lah orang stayback study, Si Sarah ni stayback semata nak download nota hahaha -_______-