Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wrapping 2014 Up, I Guess.

Assalamualaikum, moga semua dalam jagaan Dia.
Here I am writing (em, typing) on my bed, it's Dec 30, one day till 2015.

Biggest and the most trending issue currently is that plane QZ8501 has been found,
with now 40 bodies has been discovered (at the time of writing).
Third plane tragedy of the year 2014, that killed our thought that the disastrous flood would mark up the end of 2014. Who would've thought that there'd be another plane tragedy after the missing MH370 and the crash of MH17? Who would've thought we'd grieve for this after losing many things in flood that hit Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Kedah, Perak, Perlis and Johor?
Which now has hit Negeri Sembilan if I'm not mistaken. 

A heartbreaking December, a fate that He wrote in order to signal us that nothing is impossible when He wants such thing to happen. To make us realize that we are THAT small that we don't even know what's the good behind these calamities. We can't even think of such reasons for us to endure these kinds of tests. But what we are taught to practise is, everything happens for a reason. That He only tests the ones He loves. That He gives His toughest soldiers the toughest tests. That in order to prove that if we are truly devoted to be His servants, we must endure these with the utmost patience and faith. To have faith in Him. To be patient with what He has prepared for us in the future. To accept the qadha'. To not question why things happened in way they happened. 

Moga Iman itu milik kita sampai akhir hayat. It's not a good year, but it's been nice in some ways.
From January, I was studying for my Junior Cycle 01 examinations. It was my second time going through the first semester of my first year in medical school. Not an easy thing to be done, it was tough, though I was doing it for the second time. The feeling was not the same as the first time. Well, I might want to elaborate on this in another post. In January as well, my neighbour passed away. She was a wife to a husband, she was a mother to 4 kids, 4 small kids who age from 7 to 20 years old. They were all younger than me. I cried every single time I thought of them even though I was not in Terengganu at that moment due to having exams. Around the same time, someone I know (we have blood relation) has been diagnosed with ear cancer. Around the same time, little sister to my late grandmother fell and couldn't stand up at that time (she's better nowadays, she can walk now). It was kinda sad experiencing these at the same time. 

Then in March, MH370 went missing. We, Malaysians were devastated, even the ones who have no relatives or families on board, we felt the loss. Up until today, it's still missing. Goosebumps.  In July, we faced another terrible news on the crash of MH17. Believe me, nobody has ever thought of that. Have a safe flight is no longer a simple phrase that's been wished just to send somebody off. It is really a sincere wish for the journey to be safe, from taking off, to landing safely.  I felt so afraid in the flight when I experienced fierce vibrations due to thick clouds and heavy rain. Terus teringat those crashes and everything, though my flight was only from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu; a less than one hour flight. But I couldn't help myself. Nobody is not afraid of dying. Well, at least I am afraid. Because I know I am not ready. What's sadder I don't know when will I be ready.
Anyhow, I can't really recall what else happened. But the recent flood was a very big hit to Malaysians. Especially to Kelantanese. It was very bad, the state looks like it's been hit by a tsunami. Cars were upside down, even the houses are no longer there. Just imagine the house you are living in IS NO LONGER THERE. The car you've been driving is upside down on the road with muds and all sorts of dirt. It really is not a nice scene. I myself cannot bear looking at the photos of the flood's aftermath.  
Then we received the news of AirAsia plane which took off from Surabaya went missing 2 days ago, updated today with the news of the debris has been found. 

Allahumma inni as aluka husnal khatimah: O Allah, I ask You for a good end to my life. Amin.

Plans, after all, will not follow as we conduct if He doesn't approve it.
Plan aku balik cuti sem nak membaca segala mak nenek buku yang on waiting list tak gerak2 pun lagi. Sempat habiskan DIAgnosis on the first few days of holidays then tak sempat nak start on new book lagi. Eh jap, sempat habiskan buku pasal menjahit je satu lagi. Plan nak menjahit tak boleh nak carry on lagi sebab something came up.
From the tiniest plan, it can't be done kalau Dia tak luluskan.
Anyway, sorry guys. Tak menyempat lagi nak edit blog. Sempat buat some heads up a week ago, tak sempat nak sambung lagi. Benda senang pun takleh nak settlekan.
To watch the flood, makes me feel so small, that I couldn't help thinking, 
that Allah itu sungguh Maha Besar dan Maha Agung. 
Fenomena new moon dan hujan nonstop at certain places for few days buat those certain places tenggelam ibarat sungai tak bertepian, sekaligus menjadikan it's the worst flood in Malaysia's history as long as I live (21 y is quite long lol). Banjir di Thailand dengan negara tersebut melepaskan air empangannya tak kurang memberi sedikit impak. Kecilkan manusia, dengan air pun kita tak mampu nak menang.

MH370, it's been months. QZ8501 has been found after two days. Doesn't this fact make you think, that dead bodies will float but if MH370 did crash in the sea, what has made the bodies not to float? No definite answer. Did it really crash in the sea? No definite answer.
Jawapan? Allah Yang Satu sahaja yang tahu.

Kuasa Dia, tiada tandingan. Kita siapa untuk mempersoalkan. Hanya hamba Dia. Dengan akal kurniaanNya kita berfikir. Fikir akan kekuasaan Dia, fikir betapa agungnya Dia, fikir kekuasaanNya di sebalik setiap suatu perkara yang berlaku, fikir akan keagunganNya di sebalik kejadian yang Dia ciptakan.

PS: Just to clarify, I'm not counting the hardships. Assalamualaikum.

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