Thursday, November 12, 2015

No Boundaries

Assalamualaikum. I have once came across some good words on Tumblr, which sound like this:

"You thought the storm, the ocean, the fear, the sadness, the mistakes, the loss, the brokenness was all bad for you. But really it was only a means. It was all a vehicle to make you seek Him. To bring you back. To bring you back to completion, to happiness, to life. To bring you back to where you began. To bring you back to all that you really seek. To bring you back to Him." [Yasmin Mogahed]


"There are times when everyone experiences heartbreak. It could be the betrayal of your spouse, a friend that hurts your feelings or a family member that cuts ties with you. It’s crucial to be strong through this difficult test and realize that there is wisdom that you can learn in the process.
Each time your heart breaks you become less attached to others which leads you to search for comfort in your creator. See this hurt as a reminder that no one cares for you the way your creator does and as long as you have Him you are NEVER ALONE!" [Halel Banani (via islamicrays)]

Rather than letting Tumblr steals my time for nothing, I follow some religious blogs so that my home will be filled with endless reminders and so that my time will not go to waste. Alhamdulillah some posts are really good that I feel consoled while scrolling beautiful reminders thus preventing me from going astray if I'm emotional or having a storm of endless bad thoughts.

Well, we all need reminders (:

I think 2015 has been beautiful (please count how many times I have used this word) despite I have received quite a few numbers of sad news. My cousin passed away in May due to cancer, a second degree cousin passed away last month due to cancer, my grandfather just passed away last Sunday (8/11/15) due to pulmonary embolism, and my life is a bit in chaos because I failed few exams in my previous semester 4. Alhamdulillah I am now in my semester 5 with one paper left to be passed which I will sit for in January 2016 before I am eligible to proceed to semester 6 which is a clinical semester. I appreciate all prayers that my beloved family and friends have gave me and I honestly feel that I will not come this far if not because of those kind prayers, so really, I thank all of you and will always be thankful for your support.

And I need more prayers, firmer motivation and determination because my final examinations for this semester is approaching fast. InsyaAllah I will sit my final from 7 until 12 December 2015, carrying one module to next semester because we are not allowed to sit for the paper this semester. Apart from that I really need to pass that one more supplemental examination so guys, please pray for me.

Life has been tough for me, but I will consider it beautiful still, because I am alive and healthy.

May Allah help me to go through these tests well and successfully,
and may He help me to always see things from the brighter side.

And dear myself,

Allahumma rabbi yassir, wala tu'assir, rabbi tammim bilkhair, amin.

I will try to set no boundaries for patience and happiness, because this life that Allah lends me is only once. It is also only once that I have attempt to prepare for my life in the HereAfter. Wishing everyone a good life and may we will always be on His right path, may the path we tread is the path that seeks His Jannah, amin.

Friday, August 21, 2015


Hi hello, this post is dedicated to everyone who has emailed me or anybody who has contacted me on WhatsApp but got no replies from me, I am sorry. My phone rosak so currently I can only receive text or phone call. Sadly to inform I nowadays check my email not as constant as I used to because I have no mood to do so, hence my late reply to you. And sebab takde mood jugak I kinda malas nak text, I am sorry. Now I've realized there's no use being such irresponsive, really sorry, I'll try to entertain each of you up to my best ability okay. So ask anything you want, email me for my contact details. Thank you and again I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. Have a good day ahead.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Hello guys! Still looking for baju raya? Last minute shopping sprees are too crowded with people in the same boat of yours so you guys haven't found anything to be worn this coming Eid? Here I am coming to save your dayyyy acewahhh. Have you guys ever heard of the name Melinda Looi? Melinda Looi is a well-known local designer which never fails to impress her target audience with her fashion collection. Some information about her that I found on the net, she is an award-winning fashion designer famous for her signature avant-garde and vintage style. She has won numerous accolades; she won the title Designer of the Year three times, twice at the Malaysian International Fashion Awards Malaysian International Fashion Week and latest in 2009 at Mercedes Benz Stylo Fashion Awards. With this, I am sure it would be worth it if you guys take some time to browse through her designs, definitely an eye-candy!

So girls, this Raya, Melinda Looi pulls together a collection of stunning baju kurung for women to choose from. Very stunning dan eye catching tau you guys. I wouldn't think twice to grab one if I had the chance hehehe. For those who are looking for that sassy chic outfit to flaunt during Eid Day should definitely have a look at Melinda Looi collection. No woman can ever say no to the beautiful baju kurung modern print by Melinda Looi. It adds a person’s character in the most effortless way possible. Women can never look out of style flaunting the modern print kurung from Emel by Melinda Looi collection.

Can you see what I am talking about, these are so simple yet very nice.
I like the black one *insert heart emoji*
Meanwhile, girls, akak2, mak2, makcik2 who prefer a more feminine touch to their wardrobe should definitely own the nice floral Melinda Looi kurung. Florals always has that element which softens a person’s image. Choose the floral print baju kurung and match it with a nice pair of high heels for a complete elegant look. Hijabistas can also create their own hijab style to match the pretty floral kurung from the designer’s Raya collection. Choose a plain coloured hijab to complement the floral print designs and collect praises everywhere you go. So hijabistas, grab one that suits your style and be the happiest girl by modelling off your gorgeous piece by Melinda Looi!

Cute cute aje siap ada collar lagi tau omey omey and the ends of the hand pieces (omg it's much easier to say hujung lengan for God's sake Sarah, ajet ajet omputeh lettewww) match the colour of the kain so it adds more lives to this modern kurung. How can you say no?
For the ladies who are looking to pull off a trendy outfit, appear confident in the colourful mirrored print kurung from Emel Melinda Looi collection. The mirrored print of the kurung designs is the combination of nyoya patterns with geometry of Islamic art and architecture. Show off your approachable character wearing the colourful vibrant kurung and feel empowered all day long. Bright colours always have the secret element in bringing out the confidence in you. Besides that, the vibrant tones also help draw attention straight to you. Be the focus of the party wearing this amazing kurung mirrored print from Melinda Looi and work it with style. Now with this, confident habis ni pergi beraya rumah sanak saudara *picturing myself in this bright looking attire* hmmm, not bad uh?

So ladies, what are you waiting for, be among those who are with style by picking good designs of modern kurung in Melinda Looi collection!

I kinda like this one too! Simple je. Black and white pulak tu, macam zaman dolu-dolu sangat. Hehehe. So guys, ringan-ringankan tangan to click on Melinda Looi collection and you will be directed to the link where you can find these elegant and gorgeous attires. Maybe you'll find one that can be your Hari Raya outfit! Good luck and Selamat Hari Raya!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Allah suruh tutup aurat, nak jaga kita daripada pandangan lelaki.
Tapi aku, tanpa segan silu, upload gambar sana-sini.

Allah suruh jaga pandangan, untuk jaga hati.
Tapi aku, scroll instagram sana sini,
Tengok drama jamu mata,
Fangirling over nonMuslim.

Bila Allah Yang Maha Pengampun,
Tapi aku sombong hidup umpama tiada berdosa,
Konon hidup lama tangguh taubat dari sehari ke sehari.

Malunya jadi diri sendiri.
Dulu sekolah agama jaga batas pergaulan.
Bila nak berborak lain jantina ada muhrim menemani.
Tapi kini tak ada muhrim pun takpe, syaitan boleh jadi ganti...

Lagi malu bila dulu semua tentang agama pernah belajar,
Exam semua dapat A+,
Tapi gaya hidup tak ubah gred G,
Konon dunia jambatan ke ukhrawi,
Nampak gaya bukan syurga yang dicari,
Tapi menempah annar yang panasnya tidak terperi...

Ni kalau mati sekarang, apalah jadi.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Late Night Thoughts

I think, everyone thinks a lot. Either of craps or of greats, people think. People ponder. People think over. People regret. People do things. And regret. Do things again. And feel great. Well at least these apply to me.

Over days I realized that I actually like talking. No no, I mean I've realized this long time ago. I talk A LOT like A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. What's new is, I like to talk positive things to people. I like to inspire people. I like to give my positive two cents to them and make them feel good, make them feel better. Even though inside my heart I have thousand sadness and heartbreaks contained, I still like the idea of me being the one who gives people a new hope. Because seeing them being better actually inspires me to become better. When they give up hope, and then learn to give hope some space again so that good things can come; I actually want to do the same thing.

Nevertheless sometimes I feel sick about the society, about how judgmental people can be, how prejudice they react, a part of me still hopes that the society can change to a healthy society. Full of positivity.

We hate to be judged, but do we realize that we actually kinda are kinda judgmental, naturally? We can't deny first impression. We will always have thoughts crossing our minds.

And we also tend to look at people based on how they acted in the past, instead of looking them in their current image. This is quite the usual habits I see in society. If one had commit sin in the past, society never let him forgets, even if he has repented. Can you see how sick we are, people? Well at least I have experienced these awful things by myself.

We ourselves are the enemies.
Our minds are so beautiful, and so what Islam teaches us.
Why do you want to be bad so bad, people.
Husnudzon, people.
The past lives in the past.
We are living for the future.
If Allah has said that by repenting we can get His forgiveness,
who are we to deny such things amongst ourselves?

Dear heart,
Please be stronger,
Let go of the past,
No matter how it still hurts,
You have to move on.
Let people be the mediocre,
But you, dear heart,
Together let's be a miracle.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Picking myself up (:

Can't really recall how did I find writing and venting help me feel at ease.
And despite knowing such fact of myself,
I leave this habit out of my routine.
Rasa macam nak marah dekat diri sendiri.

I actually don't wanna write an useless post so that's why I don't really write here,
unless it's going to be beneficial to my readers.
But this time I can't bear this anymore.

Currently I have finished my fourth semester,
and I am in Terengganu, living my semester break which started on 15/5/15 and hopefully,
will end in September. So that's quite a long break right...
Given the fact that if I pass every paper for my fourth semester. Amin.
Doakan tauuuu.

And during my study break hari tu, thousand of plans were drafted in my head,
and suddenly right now, SEMUA HILANG OMG GERAMNYA T.T
Mood semua hilang kelaut aaaa nak nangis. I really wanna fill my semester break
with a lot of useful and meaningful actions and doings tapi sekarang malas ya ampun.
I run house chores lepas tu mereput. This is not what I was planning to do :'(
It feels great to be able to do some of house chores, so mom can rest a bit.
And in between doing these works, nak lah menjahit ke apa en,
tapi ya Allah, baring je kerja si Sarah ni.
I have like more than 10 fiction and non-fiction books that I have bought and I haven't finished reading them.
Menjahit. I love sewing. Kain dah ada. Dah buat rough measurement. Potong.
Lepas potong kain, kain itu terbiar terpotong di atas meja dengan harapan
ia akan dijahit automatically oleh sewing machine hahaha I hate my current self.

Talk about semangat. You know iman pun turun naik,
haruslah semangat lagi haru graf penurunan dan kenaikannya kan?
I believe everyone is the same. We all have ups and downs.
Kita ada masa yang kita semangat gila-gila and
tiba2 semangat tu terbang pergi China tak ajak kita
lalu tinggallah kita bersendirian tanpa semangat.

I can be very spirited at one time lepastu lembik tetiba.
But but, we are the ones who need to pick ourselves up because if not, who else will?
Learn to know yourself.
Learn about yourself.
Don't push yourself too hard and give yourself some time.
Make yourself the best motivator to your own mind and heart.
And don't forget to reward yourself when you think you deserve one.

So sebenarnya today I was feeling very frustrated with myself that I am so lazy and
that I have no mood to do anything apart from doing house chores,
then I thought of blogging. I once loved blogging because I enjoy writing and ranting and venting,
but I found it hard to fit writing in my daily routine so I kinda forgot about it & left it behind,
and thought I could live normally without venting,
and look...........I made my way to write this jugak at last.

Maybe because I've let some feelings out so yeah, I feel better right now ;)))
Looking forward to productive days ahead!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Passionate Optimist

She was wrong when she expected perfection,
Because nothing or nobody is perfect.
She was wrong when she hoped for no misery,
For life is nothing without ups and downs,
She was wrong when she smiled to the blue sky,
Because blue might mean melancholy,
She was wrong when she ran from the reality,
Because facing would be the only way to end things,
She was indeed wrong for expecting in the first place,
Because expectation might lead to frustration.

Despite being wrong a few times,
She went ahead,
Being an optimist with zero doubt about the future,
Because she believes,
To rise after a fall is what matters,
That her past doesn't define her future,
That after being wrong, she can still be right (:


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Senyumlah, Hati.

Mungkin gelisah ini tanda aku sudah banyak lupa akan Dia,
Mungkin galau ini tanda aku sudah kurang mengadu pada Dia,
Duhai hati, usah bermuram tatkala Dia masih sudi memberimu ujian,
kerana sudah Dia berkalam, yang Dia sayang itu Dia berikan dugaan,
mana mungkin mengaku diri beriman, tetapi tiada didatangkan sedikit ujian.

Qalbi, senyumlah.

Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried? (29:2)

[Delayed Post] - Sekitar UiTM Puncak Alam (Gambar)

Assalamualaikum, I really do not have a good excuse for delaying this post,
which should have been posted a year ago (or more),
but due to small-postponed-tasks-and-things and big influence like laziness,
makanya lambat juga lah terpublishnya post ni hohoho.
Because rasanya Puncak Alam nowadays dah lagi developed kot,
and here are pictures that were captured around a year ago (em I think more than a year).
I got this from a former student there, who studied FIS for 2013/20104 academic year I think. Since I have the pictures, so why not I just upload them online right ~

Hehehehehehe, future students of UiTM Puncak Alam bolehlah kot cuci2 mata dulu tengok post ni before masuk sana :3

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hidup yang Pendek

Kadang-kadang, kena sedar,
hidup ini terlalu pendek untuk kita sedih atas benda bodoh.
Untuk kita marah atas sebab bodoh.
Untuk kita declare hari itu sebagai bad day atas sebab perbuatan orang lain.
Jangan ambil topeng muka dan pakai senyuman palsu.
Bisik pada hati,
pujuk diri sendiri,
benda bodoh tak layak pun nak dapat perhatian kau.
Genggam, buang jauh-jauh.
Buat apa bazir masa layan benda bodoh,
hidup untuk buat benda yang lagi cerdik.
Apadia benda yang lagi cerdik?
Jangan layan benda bodoh.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Patience #1

Because patience is virtue,
Though their words cut,
Sometimes deeply,
That it is impossible to be healed,
And some leave scratches,
No matter how small the wound is,
The pain is still inexplicable,
And because patience is virtue,
I choose to speak nothing,
To control the anger,
To contain the frustration,
Because I know barking is just for dogs,
And empty vessels make loud noise,
And stupidity does not worth a reply.

Sarah Khair

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fourth Semester!

Assalamualaikum wbt. Haha rasa cam tak percaya je because I am typing this post at Sierra.
I'm back to school (read: uni) and week 1 dah habiiiiiiiiiiiis. Can you believe it?

Oh Sierra tu nama taman/kawasan rumah yang my friends and I are renting at currently.
We have like few Sierras here like Sierra 1 (where my house is located), Sierra 8, Sierra 2 etc.
Macam a few taman dikelompokkan into one big kawasan gitu.

Dah semester 4! Dan teaching week pun dah habis 1 out of 12 kalau tak silap.
Altogether ada 14 teaching weeks but 2 of them adalah weeks without classes,
which are named reading/study weeks, satu minggu in March and another is in April.
Yang April tu study week for finals la (study week will start on 17 April 2015 -
since last day of class for this semester is on the 16th April), then dalam academic calendar,
diorang declare week yang start with 27 April adalah examination week,
until mid of May. So basically untuk semester ni, aku belajar minggu ni (end of January)
February, March and two weeks in April. Kejap je kan?
Tu pun seminggu off in March, few days off in February due to Thaipusam & CNY.

A week of classes in this Intermediate Cycle 1 is like a week of bombarding my brain with loads of new information,
which most of them I have never heard of. CRY NOW. Hahaha.
Ye, before this untuk the first three semesters, we were being exposed to stuffs like anatomy,
physiology, psychology, pharmacology, embryology, epidemiology camtu kan.
Then sem ni dah ada new stuffs, baru kenal apa itu microbiology, serta pathology.
Buku patho serta microbe pun belum aku beli tau.
Oh banyaknya amount of material itu,
mohon doakan agar aku mampu menghafal segala maklumat yang ada tau.

Bila dah otak more to counting ni kena tukar masuk part memorising,
jadi slow learner lah sikit.
Betul. Rasa macam slow learner gila sekarang.
Otak dah tak tangkas macam zaman kena kira probability, volume of revolution bagai dulu.
Moga Allah permudahkan. Ini semester 4 daripada keseluruhan 10 semester.
Moga Allah permudahkan perjalananku dan rakan-rakan seperjuangan. Amin.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Nahi Mungkar yang Rasis

Assalamualaikum. Terasa betapa masyarakat tidak adil dalam membenci perilaku kurang moral yang terkini viral di semua media sosial, mengapa bila yang bertudung sahaja dihentam teruk bila menyalahi ajaran agama? Adakah kerana tudungnya itu?
Mengapa bila artis Melayu Islam lelaki dan artis Melayu Islam perempuan yang menjadi para pelaku, tiada pula dikritik hebat oleh pejuang papan kekunci?

Menyebarkan gambar sebegitu, begitu sucikah kita daripada dosa?
Mencela pelaku kerana mereka bertudung, molekkah kita sebagai saudara seagama untuk mencela? Kita bertudung, berkopiah, namun menyebarkan aib, mengutuk mencerca, apakah ini melambangkan peribadi mulia seorang yang beragama Islam?
Kita, apakah sedang dalam usaha mendidik diri/masyarakat atau mengembangkan sifat negatif? Mengapa disebar kebencian bukan kasih sayang?
Benci perlakuan, bukan si pelaku.

Mengutuk jangan sampai lupa diri, bimbang Allah uji dengan perkara yang sama.
Meriak jangan sampai tidak berpijak pada bumi, kerana apa yang kita ada semua dengan keizinanNya.

Mungkin sudah boleh fikir,
mengapa dibenarkan konsert beroperasi di negara Islam sebagai agama rasmi sedangkan ia menyalahi syariat...?
Mengapa dibenarkan anak itu menghadiri konsert hiburan tersebut?
Mungkin masa untuk fikir bagaimana mahu membentuk keluarga dengan iklim din,
mungkin masa untuk fikir bagaimana mahu elak perkara sama berulang.

Janganlah tuding jari salahkan pihak sana, pihak sini, mungkin betul mereka salah,
namun kita ini, adakah terselit dalam doa kita agar saudara kita dijauhkan daripada benda sebegini? Agar saudara kita turut mencari Tuhan dalam hidup?
Agar kita semua dapat bertemu di jannahNya?

Aku juga bukan kalis dosa,
Sarah - 134312012015

Friday, January 9, 2015

Review on: DIAgnosis, Raudhah & Divergent.

I must admit that reading these 3 completely different genres of books spins my head.
Hahahahahahaha. One similarity: THEY'RE ALL GOOD BOOKS I TELL YOU.


Short fiction stories written by 3 doctors, most probably inspired by real situations they faced,
tapi watak dan segalanya haruslah confidential babe. Aku mengaku at first aku expect high gila untuk buku ni, sebab baca review semua bagus2 je so aku terlebih expect makanya aku kecewa ah sikit masa mula2 baca.
But bila baca cerita karya Dr Aizzat, aku terpujuk. Dalam banyak2 cerita dalam DIAgnosis,
aku nangis la baca karya dia. HEHEHEHE. Dr AF kinda comel2 gitu cerita dia, lawak2, Dr Azah macam cerpen, tapi semua terselit pengajaran yang boleh kita renung-renungkan.

Kalau nak bacaan yang ringan in between tunggu bas, tunggu kelas, this one suits your need.
Ringan dan bersahaja, tetapi berisi.
Aku tengah fikir nak order DIAgnosis2 online or tunggu je beli over the counter terus.
Haruslah teruja!


Karya latest penulis thriller no 1 Malaysia ataupun second latest kot haha tak ingat ah, dan as expected, frank words from me who's a die hard fan of RAM, RAUDHAH TIDAK MENGECEWAKAN. Best siot plot twist dia, dan seperti selalu penuh tersurat mesej Islamik dia.
Tapi berat la sakit kepala gua baca non-stop. Bila penat amik Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus baca. 2-3 hari jugak baru khatam. Tak nak la buat full sinopsis, tak saspens la en.
Kalau korang memang fan of RAM, Raudhah is a must-read novel guys!


Aku teringin gila nak baca buku ni lepas tengok movie dia,
dan semangat nak baca tu jelas la bila aku beli semua trilogy dia hahaha.
Ni buku ketiga yang aku baca di mana buku ni difilemkan.
Dan ia juga merupakan buku pertama aku baca setelah tengok dulu movie dia.
Sebab tengok Harry Potter & Twilight Saga tak baca buku dia.
Baca PS I Love You tapi tak tengok movie dia hahaha.
Baca Love Rosie dulu baru layan movie dia tu pun Love Rosie baca bertahun2 yang lalu dah so ingat-ingat lupa lah jalan cerita dia.
Meh aku bocor rahsia sikit,
dalam game Capture the Flag between team Four dengan team Eric,
scene Tris amik flag dalam buku sebenarnya flag tu Christina yang obtained.
Scene Tris jumpa mak dia masa pindah barang masuk lori tu tak wujud pun dalam buku haha.
Dia jumpa mak dia time Visiting Day.
Visiting Day tu, parents datang dekat tempat new faction of their children untuk melawat anak2 yang tinggalkan diorang lol.
Banyak lagi lah yang lain. Pastu Aptitude Test tu sebenarnya kat sekolah diorang je.
Hahaha. Aku baca tu macam semata nak cari differences pun ada. Alahai hahaha.
But above all (ayat klise aku), it's worth reading!

Dengan cuti semester berbaki beberapa hari lagi, aku akan berhempas pulas menghabiskan Insurgent sambil menjadi seorang suri rumah yang berjaya. Hahahahaha. Sebenarnya aku nak menjahit baju kurung tapi tak sempat la uolls.
Tapi dalam baki beberapa hari ni juga aku nak cuba jahit tudung walau sehelai, and a few things.
Haih sedih betul cuti dah nak habis. TAK PUAS LEPAK NGAN FAMILY T_________T
Pastu banyak lagi novel RAM yang aku tak khatam, bersusun dalam rak buku T_________T
Then then rasa macam sekarang bila baca buku dah tak securious zaman dahulukala T__T
Buku Hilal Asyraf yang aku beli pun tak terbaca lagi tau. Sedihlah begini.
Tapi yang tu aku decide nak baca kat Sierra je lah, sebab ringan nak bawak gi sana nanti.
Omoooooooo aku sedih cuti dah nak habis :(
Eh cemana post review buku jadi post emo pulak ni, senang betul distracted hahaha.
Maka sebelum aku emo lagi terus sebab sedih cuti dah nak habis,
aku noktahkan dulu ye post ni.

Hingga ketemu lagi, moga dalam jagaan Allah sentiasa semua kawan2!

PS: Akhirnyaa blog berwajah baru. HAHA

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Hidup hanya sekali, nyawa tiada galang ganti.
Kita manusia, tiada terlepas daripada khilaf, namun peluang sentiasa ada.
Setiap pagi kita bangun, diberi Sang Pencipta peluang untuk memperbaik apa yang perlu.
Sedangkan Dia memberi kita peluang untuk berubah,
kenapa kita terlalu bongkak menutup peluang manusia lain untuk berubah?

Kenapa kita melulu mengklasifikasikan kes-kes tertentu sebagai tiada harapan?
Melihat seorang yang kita hakimi sebagai kurang elok berbanding kita,
tiada harapankah dia untuk berubah menjadi lebih baik?
Melihat seorang yang kita rasa seribu kali lebih baik berbanding kita,
kita pandang rendah terhadap diri sendiri mengangkat bendera putih menyatakan mana pernah mampu kita menjadi sebaik seseorang itu, wajarkah kita?

Perjuangan ini, selagi Dia izinkan, usah kita titik noktahkan usaha itu.
Kerana semangat itu memang ada naik dan turunnya,
sifat manusia yang lemah tiada kita mampu mengubah,
namun teruslah berkayuh dengan sinar harapan,
memandang ke hadapan dengan harapan dan usaha agar diri kita esok lebih baik daripada hari ini.

Perjuangan insan lain juga bukan milik kita untuk dihakimi,
buruk baik mereka biarlah Allah yang menentukan,
bersangka baiklah selalu.
Jika hari ini mereka tampak bukan seperti yang kita harapkan,
teruslah optimis dan memohon kepada Ilahi,
agar esok masih kita dapat raih dan berpeluang merasai dan menyaksikan perubahan yang diharapkan,
sama ada ia tentang kita atau tentang mereka,
teruslah positif.

Kurangkan prejudis, tingkatkan optimis :)


Kerana aku banyak menyaksikan perkara yang menggalaukan.
Maafkan aku andai aku khilaf dalam berpendapat,
sesungguhnya telahanku masih dangkal dan kurang ilmu.

Aku bukanlah manusia mulia, aku juga pendosa. Kerana itu jujurnya aku selalu memberi peluang demi peluang kepada mereka yang menyakiti hati ini, dengan harapan, walaupun terluka qalbu ini, peluang itu diberi untuk diri mereka dan juga untuk aku sendiri. Peluang untuk mereka mencuba lagi, dan peluang untuk aku sendiri merasa bahagia setelah mereka berjaya mencuba. Dan aku percaya, aku sendiri mungkin ada sahaja mengguris rasa insan sekeliling, dan aku juga minta andai aku bertindak melulu, berilah aku peluang lagi untuk menjadi lebih rasional dan berhemah. Kerana telah beribu hari Dia meminjamkan lagi roh pada jasadku setelah Dia memegang rohku saat aku tidur, maka aku kira, tiada salah peluang yang aku peroleh itu aku guna untuk diri aku sendiri dan juga untuk orang lain.

Salam perubahan,
Salam Maulidur Rasul,
12 Rabi'ul Awal 1436H
1245 03 Januari 2015M

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sayonara 2014, Ahlan Wasahlan 2015

Jujur aku katakan,
aku bukanlah tergolong dalam kelompok yang teruja menunggu ketibaan tahun baru.
Jujur aku katakan,
aku bukanlah tergolong dalam kelompok yang teruja menyenaraikan azam baru,
dan kembali menyemak catatan azam tahun yang akan ditinggalkan sama ada telahpun tercapai ataupun belum.

Aku tidak memandang serong mahupun mengecilkan golongan yang teruja menunggu tahun baru.
Itu hak individu, kesannya tiada melibatkan aku.
Mereka bahagia dengan tahun baru, biarlah rona-rona euforia tersebut mewarnai hati mereka.
Bahagia itu memberi kesan psikologi yang positif terhadap minda,
mengapa mahu dihentikan kegembiraan manusia selagi adat tidak menyalahi agama, kan?

Azam itu, matlamat itu, sesuatu yang bagus, provided ia bagus lah,
sebab azam tersebut akan membawa,
dan memandu kamu ke arah mencapai cita-cita yang telah kamu set-kan.
It's a force to drive you to achieving the goals that you've set up.
It's good, and motivating.

Cuma bagi aku, aku belum mampu meneyenaraikan azam mengikut ukuran tahun.
Bagi aku, tahun baru dan tahun lama,
bezanya cuma masa.

Masa kini dan masa lalu.
Cuma dengan masa, aku teruja, untuk melihat,
sejauh mana perubahan dan hijrah yang telah aku capai.
Hari ini dan esok, adakah berbeza jiwa aku?
Hatiku...semakin banyak tompok hitam, atau yang putihnya lebih mendominasi?

Dan juga, aku teruja, untuk melihat,
manusia, masihkan mereka melihat aku sebagaimana aku yang sekarang,
ataupun pandangan mereka terhadapku terkabur oleh imej yang dahulu?
Ataupun bukan pandangan mereka terhadapku, namun terhadap orang yang aku sayang.
Bukan pandangan itu yang aku pentingkan, namun imej itu yang aku titikberatkan.

Berjayakah aku dalam berimejkan seorang Muslim sebenar Muslim?
Mampukah aku tawan hati dan minda ini,
untuk terus padu dalam berimejkan seorang Muslimah yang sebenar Muslimah,
yang kental semangatnya, yang padu kesabarannya,
yang lembut bicaranya, yang kemas ilmu agamanya,
yang mantap ilmu duniawinya, yang gagah melawan arus tipudaya dan bisikan iblis,
yang perkasa budinya, dan yang terpelihara maruahnya?

Kalam terhenti, moga Allah redha.

Ini doaku untuk hari-hari baru, moga ilmu dan amal bertambah. InsyaAllah.
PS: InsyaAllah blog akan berwajah baru, tak sabar pulak nak mengedit coding yang panjang berjela tu haha. Fi hifzillah sahabat semua! Wassalamu'alaikum.