Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lessons | Year 1

"It’s easy to say be patient in times of  trials but difficult to remain patient. Everything happens by the will of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. If you are going through a tough time then take a deep breath and say this shall too pass."

Assalamualaikum & hello everyone. 
I feel like making an entry for myself here, to remind me of what did I do wrong during this past one year hence setting better resolutions for the coming semester.

My first year in UniSZA was mediocre, nothing special happened. I was (am) still the laidback Sarah, would (will) only study a day before test/exam and I honestly don't want to regret later in 2020 so I hope my future self will be wiser and study earlier next semester.

Semester 1 and 2's final papers were different in the extent that the format of questions changed.
Previously during the first semester, (the essay questions consisted of 2 parts, short and long essays), we had choices to answer the essay questions e.g. answer 8 out of 10 short essay questions and 2 out of 4 long essay questions. This format helped a lot simply because you could leave out questions which you thought you would score the least, should you choose to answer them.

During the second semester, choices were not available and we had to answer all provided questions (short & long essay questions), which was a disadvantage if we were not prepared for certain topics (aku la tu). The fact that I couldn't answer even one essay question left me super devastated during my second semester final exam period. Walaupun satu je, (kadang2 dua), frustrated sangat because I know I am not in the position to afford losing any marks. (I aspire to score the fullest possible in any exam, dude this is my second time doing degree, memang la I nak all out. Takkan la nak jadi super stupid macam masa jawab exam paper medschool dulu?) ((I am mad at myself FYI))

And then, a few things came up during my study break and final exam period. I am not complaining but I am stating that things are really beyond our control and we ought to prepare back up plans, ALWAYS. In fact, I am thankful to have experienced such a chaotic study break haha (because I learnt a lot from it). Long story short my mom had to balik kampung because my grandmother was not in a good health (My grandma was hospitalized in 3 different hospitals before diagnosis of volvulus was reached. That was after vomiting for 3 weeks straight. She underwent a surgery & is better alhamdulillah). As the eldest, automatically I became suri rumah for a few days. And I was fasting (biasalah......bulan Syaaban kan lol). I actually dah planned so well for my study break, untuk habiskan all the syllabus during that one week period but then bila dah jadi suri rumah en, I siapkan house chores pastu I rehat macam takde final I seriously don't know what was on my mind haha penatlah agaknya. Plus I am inclined to study and focus better at night (habit lah kot) so exhausting la juga nak stay up and bangun awal pagi to prepare my siblings for school oh how do my mom bear these everyday routines :') then settle the laundry, masak. Notes memang I simpan je dalam bilik haha so basically I couldn't finish studying all the syllabus. I was just lucky that during week 14, semua subjek almost ada test (some were held during the previous week), so macam I studied dah once, at least. And I guess, besides God's help (this is the ultimate blessing la I tell you), that; studying for test, helped me a lot during exams.

Recalling back what happened during my first semester, I was quite disciplined during my study break (takde study break pun senanya, just my paper started a bit later than others). Before study break memang enjoy gila2. Masa study break tu I really ikut my study schedule because I was completing an order (sukadoodle) and deadline nak siapkan order masa tu was during exam, after paper apa tah (yeah I too am now wondering macam mana I was so confident that I could do the job masa I accepted and agreed w that order & arrangements), so I studied and doodled alternately and alhamdulillah doodle siap and exam pun okay.

And masa study break and exam period of semester 1, I was staying at hostel the whole time including weekends (normally weekends memang balik) so I was able to focus more on my studies. Masa sem 2 boleh kira dengan jari how many nights je I slept in hostel...masa study break and final exam tu separuh barang dah angkut balik haha.

So Sarah..to the future Sarah, specifically semester 3 & 4 Sarah, year 3 and year 4 Sarah also lol,
remember how worried you were after you flunked a question in Radiobiology and Radiation Protection paper. And, improve.
Remember how worried you were because A seemed to be impossible. It could really have been impossible if you do not change for the better.

(I don't wanna list out the detailed resolutions, that's not meant to be disclosed for public read :p)

I hope whenever I feel lazy in the future, I will come back and read this,
and I will remember how much time I have wasted failing medschool and dropping out,
and I will be reminded of how crucial it is to stay focused during these 3 more years.

It's when it is hard, believing in myself counts.
It's when the road seems to be long that I need to amplify my faith,
that I will reach the end of the destination and I don't want to merely reach the end,
I want to glorify the ending. InsyaAllah.



Friday, May 5, 2017

How Did I End Up in UniSZA's Medical Imaging

Assalamualaikum and hi! Finally week 14 is over and I am now 8 days away from my first final paper excluding today. Sometimes it feels surreal; how I am so close to finishing my first year in UniSZA. 3 years to go, can't wait. Unfortunately I literally did nothing today sigh the weather is so boiling and even doing nothing feels so uncomfortable in this scorching weather. 

When I dropped out last year, it just so happened that UPU application was just about to open. It was Hannah that alerted me, since she has a sibling that was also applying for degree that year. 

UPU application was a lot easier back then in 2012. I can't find my application but I remember not having to send in the hard-copies of few required documents to the universities that we applied to, in UPU. Like if u apply 7 unis so documents tu e.g. results spm, transkrip asasi etc, kena photocopy 7 copies then send those to each uni *lap peluh*

I had a quite hard time re-deciding my future last year. Ever since I was small I actually have few dream jobs in mind, but of course answering to be a doctor/surgeon was what I mentioned the most, when people asked. So when I was thinking of what should I apply last year, few courses crossed my mind, some of the were English, Law, Dentistry, Architecture, Engineering, and even Industrial Design. I also thought of Nursing, and also Psychology, even Veterinary Med (because I received an offer to do Veterinary Medicine back then in 2012). I did some research here and there, asked few friends and did some calculations (financially unstable guys ekonomi teruk plus I did not want to apply for PTPTN, if possible). I eliminated dentistry and law after doing some thinking because I knowI am not a very hardworking person so these two wouldn't suit me, just like medicine haha and then I also didn't think I could do well in archi & designing because I can't really generate good ideas & and sleepless days are just not me (archi/designing courses have a lot of project assignments throughout the semester) so yes archi was also a no.

After some time, I figured out I needed to stay near home so my choices of universities were UIAM Kuantan Campus, UMP, UniSZA, UMT, UMK and USM. I thought I needed my family for me to rebuild my confidence and spirit after going through a rough setback. It was hard dealing with depression after dropping out because your negativity thickens a lot and if you don't seek help, it will eat you (sounds like a monster but yeah depression really is a monster). And little did I know that someone was going to cheat on me which left me devastated for a short period of time last year, and that made me feel choosing to furthering study near home was the best decision that I have ever made for myself.

Then I started to look at available courses at each aforementioned university and I also kinda decided that I still wanted to study science, specifically health science, despite having somewhat interest in arts and language because personally I think I can go farther doing science-based course. And this was how I discovered Medical Imaging in UniSZA. At that time, if I were to study Medical Imaging in UniSZA, I would be the pioneer batch because the course was just "launched" along with Bachelor of Biomedicine & Bachelor of Nutritional Science (pardon me if the name of these course aren't correct). These new courses are introduced under the Faculty of Health Sciences, in addition to Bachelor of Dietetics (undergraduate level). Besides these 4 degrees, Faculty of Health Sciences UniSZA also offers Diploma in Radiography, Diploma in Medical Lab Technology & Diploma in Physiotherapy. Wah jap kenapa macam tengah promote UniSZA ni ?! Hahaha. 

That made me google about medical imaging/radiography and long story short, I made it as my first choice in my UPU application. I wasn't interested in dietetics and others because I hate chemistry and Medical Imaging ni macam more to Physics so I was really okay with that bcs aku suka Physics (obviously) tapi sebenarnya I was anxious jugak, my last encounter with Physics was during foundation kot hahaha. 

Since I was a 2012-foundation leaver, I applied in the diploma leavers punya category so I just needed to fill in 8 blank fields but nak isi 8 pun seksa weh. Syukur dapat first choice tu once UPU results were out. As for USM, I applied for Medical Radiation. Syukur sebab UniSZA dah amik aku dulu hahahahaha. Frankly speaking, I applied Medical Imaging with NO INTENTION of being a radiographer. Weird, no? Haha. Actually, radiographer bukanlah the only thing we can do, after graduating in this course so no worries. Job scope course ni is not limited to only being a radiographer if you are not interested to be one. So sekarang ni hadap je lah dulu subjek Imaging Technique and later perlu perform well je lah for praktikal insyaAllah. Oh course ni macam ajet2 similar to medic gak sebab kitorang after sem 4 (second year) dah start praktikal tapi bukanlah full 2 years pergi praktikal. Like half sem study kat uni and half sem go praktikal at assigned hospital. Cuak jugak ni haha.

Oh actually UIA and UiTM pun ada course yang sama tapi aku masa tu macam tengok yuran UIA ni boleh tahan so aku macam oh taknaklah apply UIA but then masuk UniSZA 2K gak yuran cis betei hahaha pastu tanak masuk UiTM sebab jauh noks Shah Alam, tak kuasa dah nak berjauhan dengan family after 5 years of studying in Selangor. 

One funny story about applying uni last year was I actually did apply for UTP lol I applied for Mechanical Engineering and part kelakarnya, when I first check, the site said I wasn't shortlisted for the interview/educamp that was going to be held in Tronoh, Perak. So aku cam okay lah takpelah tak buat engineering pun tak kisahlah en. Sekali on Friday, masa tu demam, dapat a call from UTP saying that I was actually eligible to go for the educamp, there was an error on their site, but the educamp would be held on Saturday (lemme remind you that they called me on Friday, a day before, and it was in the evening lmao). Then I was like takpelah takyah lah pergi, tak sempat nak study pun for the interview, no prep, demam some more so I didn't go. Kelakar pulak tetiba je apply for engineering. Masa tu takdelah rasa confident gila pun boleh perform kalau masuk engineering but I thought, kalau ayah boleh, why not me? (: Tapi takpelah, jodoh nak masuk bidang medical physics, kira okay lah kan? :D

Happy jugalah masa tau yang medical imaging ni falls under medical physics punya field. Sebab dulu ada cita-cita nak apply biomedical engineering tapi sebab taknak pergi UniMAP @ UTM, cancel nak further study bidang tu. Naturally a homesick type of person kan so kenalah bijak dalam membuat keputusan hahahaha sekarang alhamdulillah I am happy here in UniSZA. Mula2 macam eh sikitnya classmates aku kat PU dulu pun 60 ppl per batch sekali masuk sini, 20 orang je? Haha sebab diorang amik at most 30 people sahaja per course under fakulti sains kesihatan ni. Best jugak sikit sebenarnya because you'll be close to everyone tapi tak best sebab sorang tak datang terus jadi obvious so yeah kalau u ponteng memang tak lah nak fake kan signature hahaha no such thing. Alhamdulillah so far so good I feel like we are one big family I hope class aku stays the way we are until forever ♥

Next time I'll write in details about Medical Imaging because I'm expecting prospective students of Medical Imaging (UniSZA) would want to know lah kan a bit abt this course especially the juniors that will join us in September 2017. Okay I should be planning my study schedule for finals now, wish me luck for my exam guys.

Till then earthlings ♥ 


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rants on Endless Manic Weeks

Assalamualaikum & hello, reader(s), if any. Lol

I've been wanting to write and honestly I couldn't find any suitable moments bcs it's hard to find sometime alone these days (I prefer blogging when I'm alone). Sounds like I'm boasting right haha jk. It's just things are getting really heated up for me here because finals are approaching (DAMN FAST) and trust me, the moment I am writing this, I am not even 50% ready for my last week (week 14) of my current semester (second semester). Ready for what? Lemme tell ya. Dozens (okay exaggerate) but yeah, starting tomorrow I'll be having tests, EVERYDAY. Labour day ja takdak test but meh, haven't even started reading for my OSPE (which will be held on this 3rd May). Dulu masa apply Medical Imaging ingatkan takdak la oral test viva bagai ni weh sekali ada OSPE pulak cis betul hahahaha.

Nampak dak ke-hectic-an Week 14 saya :') doakan agar saya survive ya sobs kalau awak baca ni time saya dah habis test, doakan saya ace final exam nanti jazakallah ya sohabaaat :P oh, nasib baik test Bahasa Jepun tonight postpone pi next week, lega yang amat syukur ke hadrat Ilahi oh tapi lupa nak add dalam jadual, malam esok pun ada test. Bertabahlah *patting my own back*
Frankly speaking rasa sem ni sangat kucar-kacir especially sebab orders sukadoodle are getting outta my hand. (Bajet banyak ja en padahal sikit ja hahahahaha tapi sebab human resource limited, so :') cedih cikit la) Oh, korang dah tau ke since May last year, I opened up a small doodle service on Instagram?
Ni aku acah-acah ada orang baca blog aku la en but I wanna write about that in a different post but then since February, there's been a problem with my supply so macam orders semua tertunggak and when the books are all available, orders dah macam banyak jugak untuk dihandle berseorangan plus class asyik kena replace sana sini sebab sem ni banyak pulak cuti dia so things were really getting out of control (they still are). Ni pun aku selang-seli deal dengan house chores & study (sebab aku jenis study last minute) & fulfilling orders yang tertunggak & dalam list menunggu. Dah close order dah sampai aku habis sem sebab rasanya tak mampu dah nak accept & finish additional orders before finals and kena focus on finals sebab nak jaga la kan result...but seriously since semua benda jadi tak terkawal, I keep on feeling uneasy & negativity macam senang la nak control my thoughts urgh. You know bila kita rasa things really don't go well but they can't be fixed in the nearest time. But then, I know I cannot la layan these negative feelings and just keep on doing the right things that need to be done & have patience. Plus lately terlalu banyak benda yang datang secara tiba-tiba. Tiba-tiba benda ni muncul, tetiba class nak ganti masa ni padahal kita dah plan elok nak buat this and that, then something else comes up later, omg I really hate this kind of bumps but then, I guess it's life? *nangis bawah bantal*

Tambah tolak, after finishing Week 14, I have about a week to revise all the materials for final papers, until then I guess I won't be writing anything here (unless stress sangat study later) but I'll be sure to write something once I'm done with finals okay. Wishing everyone who reads this a good day. Oh nowadays Terengganu panas gilaaaaaa I rasa nak rendam dalam bath tub flled with ice but lupa pulak rumah takde bath tub, baldi ada la. Hahahaha. Sem ni jugak kerap gila balik rumah sampai rasa macam rugi je bayar asrama so I think it's decided that I'll be staying at home for my next semester. Omg TAK SABAR TAU NAK NAIK SEM BARU sebab NAK GRAD HAHAHAHA but then bukan solely sebab nak grab grad (grab pala otak dia but then hmm nak grab degree la kot lawak hambar okbye), I guess bcs I hv so many plans (all of a sudden) to achieve, insyaAllah.

Till next time, ya guys?


Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Dot to Long Hiatus

Assalamualaikum! God, I must tell you this feels VERY WEIRD. My last entry was in March last year and after almost 12 months of silence, I've decided to write again. Why? 
Before registering into UniSZA I tried to google some info abt my future uni & course (at that time), despite having a dad who works there. I mean, he's a worker, I'm gonna be a student so our situation differs lol sarah's logic haha. To my disappointment, I found almost nothing! Wargh gegham rasa nak gigit bantal hahahahaha AND THEENN recently our FSK website, I think according to my dad almost every website fakulti UniSZA went down, not sure why so macam I waited la for FSK website to make a comeback en sebab the last time I visited my faculty's site, there wasn't any good info abt our programme (Idk why I was still checking even though I hv registered) but the thing is, after website dah siap fix and al, ada la like update such as dulu ada 3 schools je now dah ada 4 schools which are, School of Diagnostics & Biomedicine, School of Nutrition & Dietetics, School of Rehabilitation Science and the newest is School of Medical Imaging but daaaa, still no info pasal Medical Imaging??? WHAAATTTT so macam membara-bara semangat aku nak bebel pasal course aku ni tau dak urgh urgh (tengah tahan emosi) HAHAHAHA anyway it feels good to be back!
Oh by the way aku pioneer course aku kat UniSZA that's why I was searching for even a tiny bit of info abt Medical Imaging. And other public unis yang also ada Medical Imaging are UIA, UiTM, UKM...je kot (degree). (Rectify me if you know this course exists at other uni ok untuk undergraduate level)
And after going through some of my posts in this blog, I decided to NOT discard my old posts, including posts about Perdana Uni. I feel like keeping them here, for me to actually see and feel, "Oh I really went through all these", "Those were real", yada yada, to set my feet back on the earth that the most real thing about living is, to live the moment. 
Recently, right after finishing my first semester at UniSZA, I had posted a kinda long post at Instagram and the thought of blogging again came to my mind but at that time I still rasa macam "oh takpelah", "biarlah", "zaman blogging dah berkubur", "for what", you know, all sorts of excuses and now, here I am, typing a post. Gonna revamp this blog, maybe B&W theme this time?

So okay guys, till my next rants, wassalam