Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Allah suruh tutup aurat, nak jaga kita daripada pandangan lelaki.
Tapi aku, tanpa segan silu, upload gambar sana-sini.

Allah suruh jaga pandangan, untuk jaga hati.
Tapi aku, scroll instagram sana sini,
Tengok drama jamu mata,
Fangirling over nonMuslim.

Bila Allah Yang Maha Pengampun,
Tapi aku sombong hidup umpama tiada berdosa,
Konon hidup lama tangguh taubat dari sehari ke sehari.

Malunya jadi diri sendiri.
Dulu sekolah agama jaga batas pergaulan.
Bila nak berborak lain jantina ada muhrim menemani.
Tapi kini tak ada muhrim pun takpe, syaitan boleh jadi ganti...

Lagi malu bila dulu semua tentang agama pernah belajar,
Exam semua dapat A+,
Tapi gaya hidup tak ubah gred G,
Konon dunia jambatan ke ukhrawi,
Nampak gaya bukan syurga yang dicari,
Tapi menempah annar yang panasnya tidak terperi...

Ni kalau mati sekarang, apalah jadi.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Late Night Thoughts

I think, everyone thinks a lot. Either of craps or of greats, people think. People ponder. People think over. People regret. People do things. And regret. Do things again. And feel great. Well at least these apply to me.

Over days I realized that I actually like talking. No no, I mean I've realized this long time ago. I talk A LOT like A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. What's new is, I like to talk positive things to people. I like to inspire people. I like to give my positive two cents to them and make them feel good, make them feel better. Even though inside my heart I have thousand sadness and heartbreaks contained, I still like the idea of me being the one who gives people a new hope. Because seeing them being better actually inspires me to become better. When they give up hope, and then learn to give hope some space again so that good things can come; I actually want to do the same thing.

Nevertheless sometimes I feel sick about the society, about how judgmental people can be, how prejudice they react, a part of me still hopes that the society can change to a healthy society. Full of positivity.

We hate to be judged, but do we realize that we actually kinda are kinda judgmental, naturally? We can't deny first impression. We will always have thoughts crossing our minds.

And we also tend to look at people based on how they acted in the past, instead of looking them in their current image. This is quite the usual habits I see in society. If one had commit sin in the past, society never let him forgets, even if he has repented. Can you see how sick we are, people? Well at least I have experienced these awful things by myself.

We ourselves are the enemies.
Our minds are so beautiful, and so what Islam teaches us.
Why do you want to be bad so bad, people.
Husnudzon, people.
The past lives in the past.
We are living for the future.
If Allah has said that by repenting we can get His forgiveness,
who are we to deny such things amongst ourselves?

Dear heart,
Please be stronger,
Let go of the past,
No matter how it still hurts,
You have to move on.
Let people be the mediocre,
But you, dear heart,
Together let's be a miracle.