Thursday, July 4, 2013

7 Things To-Do In Times of Hardship

Assalamualaikum and greetings people :)
Yesterday I was going through my random pictures I've collected from web and came across this one.
Feeling like sharing because it's good. 
And this might be useful for someone, who knows, right?
So why not we spread good things among us and be better ^^

1) Solah
Make sure you stick to praying on time - 5 times a day.
Never miss a solah and do your best to pray each solah with sincerity as if it's your last solah in this world.

2) Reciting Quran
This Qur'an is so beautiful that no matter what difficulties you face,
you'll find solace in it.

3) Du'a
Especially the du'a for removing anxiety.

4) Give Sadaqah
Give lots of charity, as much as you can, because it helps push away hardships.
And if you can't give money, even kind words or physical sadaqah can do,
(i.e. helping people physically or emotionally).

5) Set Goals & Have Vision
Don't let shaytan play with you,
and keep replaying the video of your hardships in your mind over and over again,
move on! Set new goals, new projects, and remember you're with Allah, nothing should stop you!

6) Wake up Early
Wake up before fajr and work on your ideas and projects, or simply read Qur'an.
Getting busy before day break is a definite way to move away from your hardship and,
overcome challenges. Get most of your ideas/work done in these early hours, these are blessed hours.

7) Hardship is Not Lost
Remember, Allah will never forget the injustice/hardship you faced,
so don't worry about seeking revenge or trying to get justice.

For the third point, again yesterday, I found this one article entitled The Supplication Series: Distress, Sadness and Anxiety when I was surfing the web. Think it might as well be beneficial so here you go!
You can listen to the du'a and download the PDF format of the du'a by clicking the links provided on the page. Isn't that easy? ;)


And one last image to be shared, moga kita dapat manfaat bersama! :)


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