Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hold My Hands, We are in This Together.

Assalamualaikum & may peace be upon all of us.
I know, I know. It's been ages since the last time I wrote here.
Well, there's so much to tell,
there's so much on my mind but I can't literally translate all of these into words.
So till today they are nicely kept within my cupboard of memories.

Frankly speaking, I don't know what to write.
But I feel like writing.
You know, girls, or should I say, women, convey their minds through words?
They communicate to feel better.
They can't just sit down and stay there to feel better.
And I was once passionate enough about blogging.
Writing seems to be somewhat a healing therapy for me.
When I don't write, I feel different from usual.
Here I am not saying that I am being problematic,
I just feel like I am not me.
The 'me' I used to be seems gone, or hiding somewhere.

Maybe I should pour some feelings out.
Some, or maybe a lil' bit less than some.
As some of you might have known, it's been quite a rough year for me.
Almost a year. Unexpected things happened.
Well, I really guess that nobody really have predicted those.

Things seem to be better nowadays,
strength to be a bit thicker than it was few months back,
faith seems to be a bit stronger.
Time is a great healer, they say.

I think a year is not enough to measure how much time heals things.

When you are not as glorious as you were,
the present day seems to be gloomier than ever.
I was knocked down.
And I shall rise and shine again, insyaAllah.

Even though I've wasted my one year,
it doesn't mean I have to add more in the 'waste/credit' side of my account.
What's done is done.
I really cannot undo those, even though I regret it so much.
In life, lessons are learnt after we made mistakes.
This is not a school where teachers teach you lessons before you are being tested.
This is life, where tests are given prior to the lessons.

So people, when life knocks you down,
you really need to get up. Seize whatever chance you still have.
Grab every single opportunity that's still there.
Show 'em what you really got.
I know, we are fragile. I am indeed tremendously fragile.
But let's not make that as an excuse. There's more waiting in the future.
We are growing. Life won't be easier. Challenges won't be any less easier.

Even though there are some who will insult you,
who will be happy for your ordeals and failures,
fear them not. Be happy.
At least you are not the one who hurts others.
At least you are on the good side.
When they tell the public of false stories, fear them not as well.
Because it's The Almighty who knows everything.
Even though they say that you're having difficult times as a punishment for what you've done,
don't feel so. Why?
Have Allah not said in the Quran?

Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: "We believe," and will not be tested. (al-Ankabut: 2)

He will test us.
You take one step closer to Him,
He'll be 10 steps closer to you.
Who are they to be the judge?
Really, what have we done towards them, actually?
Dunya are really full of bad people who wears angels' masks.
May our paths are avoided from crossing over with their paths.
May Allah protect us.

May Allah bless. May Allah forgive.
Berani kerana benar. Takut kerana salah.
Don't be afraid if you're not as loud as the false speaker,
because eventually, yang hak akan menang. Itu janji Allah.
Whether in this short life, or in the long Hereafter :)

Penulisan untuk memberi peringatan buat diri sendiri yang sering leka dan terbuai dalam kelalaian.
Semoga memberi inspirasi buat mereka yang jatuh, dan mereka yang dianiaya.
Tersungkur takpe, kita bangun. Jangan tersungkur dan terus berdengkur ;)
I'm with you, He is with us, believers.


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Farah Zoey said...

stay strong , I love you

UA said...

Me also will always with u my cousin ! :D

Sarah Sylph said...

Farah Zoey,

sounds like a real husband-wife already haha loveyoumoreee :*

Sarah Sylph said...


Awwww thankyouuuuu :*