Sunday, August 10, 2014

Life Lesson #1

In life, bad things happen.
Either we want it or not.
Even if we try to avoid it.
We make mistakes. Everyone does.
We go off limits sometimes.
We forget the rules and cross the line.
We end up being lost, and having nobody but Him.
Everyone starts to look away.
Everyone starts to turn their backs on us.
Everyone loses their trusts in us.
Everyone gives that disgusting look.

Let’s not be sad.
Let’s not let them define us.
Let’s be stronger.
Let’s try another path and try harder to be better.

Because the only thing that matters is Him. Just try for the sake of Him.
And for the sake of your beloved ones.
Commiting mistakes is unavoidable. To fall is inevitable.
And it’s our choice to stand up and rise again. Or to just lay down and cry over the past.
Our past cannot be changed. The only thing that is changeable at the moment is your future.
Repent, and try to change for better.
Your past doesn’t define your future.
Do not let the ignorant society stop you from being better.
Do not let them hurt you.
Rise, and shine.


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