Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Hello guys! Still looking for baju raya? Last minute shopping sprees are too crowded with people in the same boat of yours so you guys haven't found anything to be worn this coming Eid? Here I am coming to save your dayyyy acewahhh. Have you guys ever heard of the name Melinda Looi? Melinda Looi is a well-known local designer which never fails to impress her target audience with her fashion collection. Some information about her that I found on the net, she is an award-winning fashion designer famous for her signature avant-garde and vintage style. She has won numerous accolades; she won the title Designer of the Year three times, twice at the Malaysian International Fashion Awards Malaysian International Fashion Week and latest in 2009 at Mercedes Benz Stylo Fashion Awards. With this, I am sure it would be worth it if you guys take some time to browse through her designs, definitely an eye-candy!

So girls, this Raya, Melinda Looi pulls together a collection of stunning baju kurung for women to choose from. Very stunning dan eye catching tau you guys. I wouldn't think twice to grab one if I had the chance hehehe. For those who are looking for that sassy chic outfit to flaunt during Eid Day should definitely have a look at Melinda Looi collection. No woman can ever say no to the beautiful baju kurung modern print by Melinda Looi. It adds a person’s character in the most effortless way possible. Women can never look out of style flaunting the modern print kurung from Emel by Melinda Looi collection.

Can you see what I am talking about, these are so simple yet very nice.
I like the black one *insert heart emoji*
Meanwhile, girls, akak2, mak2, makcik2 who prefer a more feminine touch to their wardrobe should definitely own the nice floral Melinda Looi kurung. Florals always has that element which softens a person’s image. Choose the floral print baju kurung and match it with a nice pair of high heels for a complete elegant look. Hijabistas can also create their own hijab style to match the pretty floral kurung from the designer’s Raya collection. Choose a plain coloured hijab to complement the floral print designs and collect praises everywhere you go. So hijabistas, grab one that suits your style and be the happiest girl by modelling off your gorgeous piece by Melinda Looi!

Cute cute aje siap ada collar lagi tau omey omey and the ends of the hand pieces (omg it's much easier to say hujung lengan for God's sake Sarah, ajet ajet omputeh lettewww) match the colour of the kain so it adds more lives to this modern kurung. How can you say no?
For the ladies who are looking to pull off a trendy outfit, appear confident in the colourful mirrored print kurung from Emel Melinda Looi collection. The mirrored print of the kurung designs is the combination of nyoya patterns with geometry of Islamic art and architecture. Show off your approachable character wearing the colourful vibrant kurung and feel empowered all day long. Bright colours always have the secret element in bringing out the confidence in you. Besides that, the vibrant tones also help draw attention straight to you. Be the focus of the party wearing this amazing kurung mirrored print from Melinda Looi and work it with style. Now with this, confident habis ni pergi beraya rumah sanak saudara *picturing myself in this bright looking attire* hmmm, not bad uh?

So ladies, what are you waiting for, be among those who are with style by picking good designs of modern kurung in Melinda Looi collection!

I kinda like this one too! Simple je. Black and white pulak tu, macam zaman dolu-dolu sangat. Hehehe. So guys, ringan-ringankan tangan to click on Melinda Looi collection and you will be directed to the link where you can find these elegant and gorgeous attires. Maybe you'll find one that can be your Hari Raya outfit! Good luck and Selamat Hari Raya!


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