Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Passionate Optimist

She was wrong when she expected perfection,
Because nothing or nobody is perfect.
She was wrong when she hoped for no misery,
For life is nothing without ups and downs,
She was wrong when she smiled to the blue sky,
Because blue might mean melancholy,
She was wrong when she ran from the reality,
Because facing would be the only way to end things,
She was indeed wrong for expecting in the first place,
Because expectation might lead to frustration.

Despite being wrong a few times,
She went ahead,
Being an optimist with zero doubt about the future,
Because she believes,
To rise after a fall is what matters,
That her past doesn't define her future,
That after being wrong, she can still be right (:


2 buddy (ies):

budok said...

Lovely! Thanks for the words ummul :)

Sarah Sylph said...


haha they're for me as well, no problem kak longgg :p