Sunday, May 24, 2015

Picking myself up (:

Can't really recall how did I find writing and venting help me feel at ease.
And despite knowing such fact of myself,
I leave this habit out of my routine.
Rasa macam nak marah dekat diri sendiri.

I actually don't wanna write an useless post so that's why I don't really write here,
unless it's going to be beneficial to my readers.
But this time I can't bear this anymore.

Currently I have finished my fourth semester,
and I am in Terengganu, living my semester break which started on 15/5/15 and hopefully,
will end in September. So that's quite a long break right...
Given the fact that if I pass every paper for my fourth semester. Amin.
Doakan tauuuu.

And during my study break hari tu, thousand of plans were drafted in my head,
and suddenly right now, SEMUA HILANG OMG GERAMNYA T.T
Mood semua hilang kelaut aaaa nak nangis. I really wanna fill my semester break
with a lot of useful and meaningful actions and doings tapi sekarang malas ya ampun.
I run house chores lepas tu mereput. This is not what I was planning to do :'(
It feels great to be able to do some of house chores, so mom can rest a bit.
And in between doing these works, nak lah menjahit ke apa en,
tapi ya Allah, baring je kerja si Sarah ni.
I have like more than 10 fiction and non-fiction books that I have bought and I haven't finished reading them.
Menjahit. I love sewing. Kain dah ada. Dah buat rough measurement. Potong.
Lepas potong kain, kain itu terbiar terpotong di atas meja dengan harapan
ia akan dijahit automatically oleh sewing machine hahaha I hate my current self.

Talk about semangat. You know iman pun turun naik,
haruslah semangat lagi haru graf penurunan dan kenaikannya kan?
I believe everyone is the same. We all have ups and downs.
Kita ada masa yang kita semangat gila-gila and
tiba2 semangat tu terbang pergi China tak ajak kita
lalu tinggallah kita bersendirian tanpa semangat.

I can be very spirited at one time lepastu lembik tetiba.
But but, we are the ones who need to pick ourselves up because if not, who else will?
Learn to know yourself.
Learn about yourself.
Don't push yourself too hard and give yourself some time.
Make yourself the best motivator to your own mind and heart.
And don't forget to reward yourself when you think you deserve one.

So sebenarnya today I was feeling very frustrated with myself that I am so lazy and
that I have no mood to do anything apart from doing house chores,
then I thought of blogging. I once loved blogging because I enjoy writing and ranting and venting,
but I found it hard to fit writing in my daily routine so I kinda forgot about it & left it behind,
and thought I could live normally without venting,
and look...........I made my way to write this jugak at last.

Maybe because I've let some feelings out so yeah, I feel better right now ;)))
Looking forward to productive days ahead!

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budok said...

finally, kemunculan mu di blog ini! hahahaa glad u come back..wweeeeee

Sarah Sylph said...


hahaha idea dok lebat macam dulu ar Huda sobs