Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Dot to Long Hiatus

Assalamualaikum! God, I must tell you this feels VERY WEIRD. My last entry was in March last year and after almost 12 months of silence, I've decided to write again. Why? 
Before registering into UniSZA I tried to google some info abt my future uni & course (at that time), despite having a dad who works there. I mean, he's a worker, I'm gonna be a student so our situation differs lol sarah's logic haha. To my disappointment, I found almost nothing! Wargh gegham rasa nak gigit bantal hahahahaha AND THEENN recently our FSK website, I think according to my dad almost every website fakulti UniSZA went down, not sure why so macam I waited la for FSK website to make a comeback en sebab the last time I visited my faculty's site, there wasn't any good info abt our programme (Idk why I was still checking even though I hv registered) but the thing is, after website dah siap fix and al, ada la like update such as dulu ada 3 schools je now dah ada 4 schools which are, School of Diagnostics & Biomedicine, School of Nutrition & Dietetics, School of Rehabilitation Science and the newest is School of Medical Imaging but daaaa, still no info pasal Medical Imaging??? WHAAATTTT so macam membara-bara semangat aku nak bebel pasal course aku ni tau dak urgh urgh (tengah tahan emosi) HAHAHAHA anyway it feels good to be back!
Oh by the way aku pioneer course aku kat UniSZA that's why I was searching for even a tiny bit of info abt Medical Imaging. And other public unis yang also ada Medical Imaging are UIA, UiTM, kot (degree). (Rectify me if you know this course exists at other uni ok untuk undergraduate level)
And after going through some of my posts in this blog, I decided to NOT discard my old posts, including posts about Perdana Uni. I feel like keeping them here, for me to actually see and feel, "Oh I really went through all these", "Those were real", yada yada, to set my feet back on the earth that the most real thing about living is, to live the moment. 
Recently, right after finishing my first semester at UniSZA, I had posted a kinda long post at Instagram and the thought of blogging again came to my mind but at that time I still rasa macam "oh takpelah", "biarlah", "zaman blogging dah berkubur", "for what", you know, all sorts of excuses and now, here I am, typing a post. Gonna revamp this blog, maybe B&W theme this time?

So okay guys, till my next rants, wassalam 


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